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The Atmosphere in Burkina Faso is light, happy and it is filled with care free people. Burkina Faso was once known as Upper Volta. The forests of the country are threatened by the mining industry. It is a fact that Burkina Faso has no primary tropical forest and limited biodiversity. Although there are limited natural resources, there are many treasures such as gigantic parks, falls and other major establishments that will surely captivate the tourists.

In the town of Ouagadougou, there are many urban parks. The Zone du Bois, commonly known as La Faret, has many good trails that make a pleasant walk where you can view the landscape of the surrounding forest. It is the most popular Park in Ouagadougou. It also has a small zoo inside. To surprise everybody, there are a lot of crocodiles in the marsh. You can spot them using binoculars.

This park is considered a very important landmark because it is a natural preservation area and regarded as a sacred forest dating back to the pre-colonial era. There are other nice places to see like the French Culture Centre that regularly exhibits theatre performances. Also located in the town is the famous sculpture of Naba Koom, a woman handling a calabash to pour water and the Laongo that features enormous granite slabs.


In the same town, there is the urban park of Bangr Weogo, or the urban park of the Forest Knowledge. Many travellers go there for religious initiation and refuge. This is truly treasured by the people of Burkina Faso because it has a local significance, but since the park was renovated by the colonial French, it has been transformed to an ordinary park where things are just commemorated.

In Banfora, the Le Musee Nationale is a brand new museum complex devoted to the local cultures. It exhibits the vast culture of Burkina Faso and highlights the most important events of their history. The Lake Tengrela is also found here in this town. This lake is popular for the funny hippos roaming around the mud water. It is suggested that the best time to actually see the hippos is in the daytime or before sunset.

The town of Bobo Dioulasso also has some wonderful sites to see. The Centre Cultural Francaise is the main attraction in terms of exhibit/ art/ music. If you just want to have a nice, quite relaxing time then you can go to the garden. Here, you may want to read a book and take in the still and peaceful surroundings.  

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