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Cape Verde is a group of very small islands in the Atlantic Ocean, just off the coast of Africa. These islands are great for a tropical get away. When you are there on holiday you are out in the Atlantic Ocean, with no land around you, just a group of islands. You can sit out on the beach, or enjoy the islands beauty by looking out to the sea. Cape Verde is very similar to Hawaii but on a much smaller scale. Cape Verde is home to about 10 main islands and each of these islands have volcanoes.

The great thing about visiting Cape Verde on holiday is that you can visit it whenever you like. Since Cape Verde is blessed with a tropical climate, it's winter temperatures are at an average low of 24 degrees Celsius, and the summer is just about five degrees more at 29 degrees Celsius. Not only is this great because it is not too hot, and it is not cold and it hardly ever rains. So no matter what part of the year you go and visit, you can be assured that you are going to get good weather.

When you go on holiday to Cape Verde, you can engage in a variety of activities. Cape Verde is known world wide for their own style of folk music, which is sung all over the island. Many tourists join in the singing in many of the clubs and bars.


Cape Verde has some of the best beaches in the world and many tourists come on holiday here for a sun relaxing beach holiday. They may simply just lie on the beach and get a sun tan or they may try their hand at water sports. Some like to windsurf, others like to snorkel and scuba dive around these beautiful islands.

These beautiful islands make an ideal holiday for couples on a romantic holiday or honeymoon. There are some stunning holiday villas and self catering holiday apartments to stay in when on holiday here. They provide privacy and seclusion making it a truly romantic holiday.

Cape Verde's islands are known for their beauty and stunning scenery. Many holiday makers explore the islands as there is much to see and do. Lovers of hiking may walk and hike around some of the hills on the island. Those holiday makers wanting a less energetic day may take a walk along one of the valleys and end up on a secluded beach. Each island is unique and holds its own little gem to explore and discover and many holiday makers island hop.

Cape Verde makes for a truly relaxing beach holiday with tourists enjoying the year round sunshine and tranquillity of these truly beautiful islands. The locals are friendly and help to ensure that holiday makers have a experience a truly memorable holiday.

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