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Little is known about Chad. Aside from the fact that it is a Central African Country and is a neighbour of South Libya, Chad has a hard time putting its name on the map. Now let me revert the same notion that this really is a terrific place for sweet escape and culture awakening.

Let me start with its famous Abeche, which lies 890 km east of N'Djamena. This place is surrounded by desert. It has the oriental charm with interesting mosques, cobbled narrow streets and old markets. Visitors will be fascinated with the landscape and architecture of the mosques. The naivety of the place is proof that the old world of Chad has been well preserved through ages.

The popular Lake Chad is another treasure of Chad. It was once the centre of Africa's lucrative salt trade. It is best appreciated by wildlife enthusiasts. The lake is composed of hippos and crocodile. They can be seen drifting by the lake. These hippos and crocodile, however, are best seen during August to December. It is during these months that the water lever is highest.


If one is looking for the known Toubou tribe, the right place is the Tibesti Mountains. It is the astonishing region of chasms and crags. The range is believed to be home to the best racing camels in the world. Visitors will enjoy this exotic and unpopular game of Camels. The highest peak in the range is Emi Koussi at 3,414 metres above sea level.

Chad's capital city, Na Djamena is one of Central Africa's liveliest cities. Visitors can see bullet holes in buildings that serve as a reminder of Chad's troubled times. Chad's historic quarter, with the daily colourful market surrounding, is fascinating and a good place to pick up colourful Chadian rugs and jewellery. Its national Museum has a collection of the Sarh culture during the 9th century. The capital city is very informative of how Chad evolved through time. In fact the city is occupied by two distinct cultures, the Arab section and the Southerners. The Arabs have a quiet night life, while the Southerners enjoy full and lively bars.

For those wanting to know about the varieties of wildlife in Chad, the Zakouma National Park offers a wide range of jungle animals. They can see huge flocks of elephants, giraffes and lions. The visitors can very well enjoy the wildlife present in the national park. The encounter of large numbers of elephants and other jungle animals will be become a keep sake experience. Across the immense plain where the Zakouma National park is located, the Bahr Salamat and its tributaries can be found. The Government at present, as well as the European Union have restocked and refurbished the park since it was ravaged by civil war and poachers.

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