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Congo is a country located at the west coast of Africa with a estimated population of 3 million people who predominantly speak French. Brazzaville is its capital, but most people live in the south of the country. Its vast area is made up of swamps, grassland and thick forests with rivers being virtually the only means of internal travel. The vast River Congo and its tributaries form most of the country’s border with DRC Congo.

Congo has a normal courtesy that should be observed when visiting people’s homes. Gifts are acceptable as a token of thanks, especially if invited for a meal. Dress should be casual and informal wear is acceptable in most places. Mini skirts and shorts should not be worn in most public places. Artistic carving, traditional and modern dances as well as folk songs play an important part in the Congolese culture which is strongly based on traditions. Do not smoke or drink alcohol in public places during Ramadan.

Visitors could check in via an international airport and road which is preferably during the dry season. Within is an equatorial climate with short rains from October to December and long rains between mid January and mid May. The main dry season is from June to October.

You could get around by air, inland steamers which ply the many rivers, the ‘Peace Train’ and on the roads which are mostly dusty and sandy in the dry season and impassable in the wet season hence 4 wheel drive vehicles are better. Brazzaville has a minibus and taxi service. There are five good hotels in Brazzaville, three in Loubomo and four in Pointe-Noire. Prices and advance bookings can be obtained via Air France. Accommodation is limited outside these towns.


If you are caravanning or camping which is available at Cargo-Point, be sure to hire a guide and take essentials such as water and food. Self serving is available but at high prices in Point-Noire and Brazzaville. The main hotels in Brazzaville have good restaurants serving French cuisine and some specialise in Italian, Lebanese and Vietnamese dishes. Some restaurants like those at Nanga Lake and Grand Hotel in Loubomo specialise in African dishes. National specialities include fish (giant oysters and shrimps), piri piri chicken, mouamba, saka saka and maboke while the national drinks include beer and fruit juice.

Take with you some stuff that could be purchased among the shops and colourful markets or street vendors. Get local paintings or carved masks and figures. Later on, you could visit one of the several nightclubs. Some of the best things you could do include; playing golf at the course in the Cite du Djoue, enjoy some good fishing at Lac Bleu, visit the Valley of Butterflies, find a panoramic view of the surrounding countryside at the Loufoulakari Falls and the Trou de Dieu or venture onto the Congo rapids where waterskiing is a popular sporting activity.

Brazzaville has marvellous sights like Basilique Sainte Anne, the Temple Mosque, the National Museum and the Municipal Gardens. Pointe-Noire is the main town on the coast with several good beaches. The threat of terrorism is low but travellers are advised against touring except on essential travel, the Pool region which has sporadic rebel activity and Ubangi River which forms the border with DRC.

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