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The Republic of Congo, popularly known as Brazzaville, is regarded the most peaceful of the two Congo's. In terms of wildlife and biodiversity, the Brazzaville also has a lot to boast.

Starting from its largest population of chimpanzee and ending with the powerful Congo River. There are a lot of places to see in this humble country that will allow you to imagine the things that exist in the world.

For example, the popular Congo River Rapids is extremely popular, here you will come across a swift-flowing white water. This is a major hit with adventure enthusiasts. The people are rotated through a geyser, facing an ominous waterfall. Manufactured by Intamin, this water ride sweeps its passenger through a series of rapids.

Since there's no track to guide the raft, its motion is unpredictable, and it's impossible to know who in the raft will take the brunt of the rapids. It is extremely likely that you will be soaked while experiencing the rapids so it may be an idea to take with you an extra set of clothes.

The Loufoulakari Falls and the Trou de Dieu gives a panoramic view of the surrounding countryside. Each tourist will see a breath taking view of all the vast rainforest of Brazavilla. You will see the green mountains and the horizons of the summer beaches of the country afar.


In the capital city of Brazzaville, there is the beautiful Basilique Sainte Anne and the colourful suburb of Pot Poto. There are other tourist attractions that can be spotted in the city such as the Temple Mosque, the markets at Oluendze and Moungali, the National Museum, the Municipal Gardens and the house constructed for de Gaulle when Brazzaville was the capital of free France. There is a golf course at Cite du Dique. Nature enthusiasts are also advised to see the valley of Butterflies.

The path towards the Congo River also has a spectacular view and has the richest wildlife around. As it lies in the heart of Africa, the water that comes from the river serves as supply to many inhabitants, including humans, animals, and plant life. Rain forests have taken control of most of the land, so that wildlife has tremendously increased through time.

The landscape of the forest has an abundance of wildlife and superb views of the Congo River. Among the wildlife creatures found in the Rainforest Congo are the popular black hippo, manatee, water snakes, reptiles, crocodiles, tortoises, elephants and over 200 species of fish. In the southern part of the Congo, there are also buffaloes, antelopes, zebras, giraffes, and gazelles.

Wildlife in Brazzaville is not the only tourist attraction in the country, there is Pointe Noire in the south where sun worshippers head for a tan. There are clean beaches shaded by palm trees, this is a nice place for tourists to relax and reminiscence of what has been witnessed in the jungle.

There's also Gorges of Diosso with its spectacular cliffs formed by the erosion of the sea and wind. The forest is also home to several indigenous tribes who have maintained their traditional way of life.

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