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Ghana is a little known country in Africa that is perhaps often overlooked by tourists because of the lack of tourism information about it. But, being in Africa alone should be a testimony already of the majestic wildlife every tourist only gets to experience in Africa and nowhere else in the world. To make sure that you have the best Ghanaian experience, here are our suggested activities and places to see.

1.) Ghanaian Festivities

There is nothing more rich and enticing a genuine Ghanaian experience than going to local festivities in Ghana. You will surely love all the dancing and drum beatings and native foods. You will also get to see sacred rituals and other ceremonies that honour their dead, pay homage to their ancestors and such.

2.) African Safari

What good is an African visit without experiencing its popular wildlife safari? In Ghana, you can go on safaris in their national parks, game sanctuaries and reserves. A guided tour will definitely create a magnificent and breathtaking wildlife experience for anyone as you enjoy what nature offers.

3.) Beach combing

Ghana also has some spectacular beaches that you can visit. Relax under the African sun in one of several Ghanaian beach strips: Coco, Kokrobite and Ada beaches are some of the beaches frequented by locals as well as visitors.

4.) National Museum

Their National Museum is not as resplendent and rich in history as an African national museum should be. But the Ghana National Museum nonetheless still offers a few historical facts about the country. There are also colourful collections of stools, cloths, robes, and armours with intricate designs that are truly depictive of Ghanaian culture.


5.) Coffins

Believe it or not, you will want to see these coffins from Ghana. They are often designed in such a way that they somewhat tell the kind of life a certain person has lived. Often called the Fantasy Coffins, these wooden boxes are more than just a place to put to rest the dead, plus, they also hold the story of the person who lies inside.

6.) Accra's Cape Coast Castle

This is an important landmark in Ghana because of its large contribution to Ghanaian history. It is said that this castle is one of the major locations where slave trades happened a long time ago. It is in tip-top shape and a must-see when in Ghana.

7.) Witches' District

This is found in the Yendi region. Legends tell the story of women who are accused of practicing witchcraft in these parts. The stories alone are enough to send chills down your spine, but it is still a must-see just for curiosity's sake.

8.) Lake Volta

Experience a ride down the biggest lake in the world made by man. This is a great way to enjoy the view en route to Kete-Krachi. You can also enjoy facilities perfect for your favourite water activities including fishing for a barracuda!

9.) Hiking

To complete your nature experience, go hiking in the mountain regions of Ghana. This includes the Aduklu and Afadjato mountains. Nothing beats experiencing nature at its finest in Africa.

10.) Night markets

Shopping for native products, especially the colourful cloths rich in Ghanaian tapestry, is also quite an experience. Half the fun of shopping here is haggling with the local sellers who are more than happy to oblige a few good tourists, and the other half of the fun lies in the resplendent display of lanterns lighting up the markets at night. In their night markets, you can find your perfect souvenir that you can bring home to your friends and families.

About the Author:
Jonathan Williams is the travel writer for Destination Guide TV - the place to share
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Article Source: - Ten Essential Things To See And Do In Ghana

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