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A tiny Portuguese colony, Guinea Bissau has come a long way since it gained independence. Today, it has carved a place for itself on the world map and has a growing economy, where tourism plays a vital role. It is divided into eight sectors and has one autonomous sector.

It is one of the smallest countries in Western Africa, bordered by Senegal and Guinea. It was earlier known as Portuguese Guinea, but to avoid confusion the name of its capital Bissau was added to the country's name, making it Guinea- Bissau.

Similar in size to Taiwan, Guinea Bissau is a tropical country that is located at a low altitude. Most of its interiors are savannah, and it faces a mixture of weather conditions through the year. When making a holiday plan to visit this part of the world, here is a heads up with five things one must see while in Guinea Bissau.

Along with the other islands, the Illha De orango and the National park are open to visitors through the year. One can get to this place on a boat from Eticago Village or from Bubaque. The place is filled with palm groves, and wood lands and the water have some of the finest kinds of crocodiles and hippos. If you are lucky, you could see Ridley turtles nesting on the sands.  


The island of Bolama was once the capital of Portugal, but ever since it was stripped of its title, the grand town, the island is filled with flora and fauna like nowhere else. If you want to look for some beaches, you will have to either go to the south side, or about four kilometres from Bolama.

Arquipelago Dos Bijagos is another area popular with tourists. The cool breeze and beautiful palm trees mesmerize the tourists with their welcoming arms. A place that is under the Unesco world heritage list, is an island that has many hidden treasures around every nook and corner. Since it is protected from the heavy tides and the sandbanks, the kind of people who enjoy coming here are either biologists or nature lovers.

Small in size like the rest of the country, Varela is a paradise for those who are tired of the hustle and bustle of city life. Situated south of Cap Skirring, Varela is a breath of fresh air after a long tiring bumpy ride. The place has its share of Italian restaurants and beaches where one can relax in. The pine forests offer a bit of serenity and calm that no other resort can.

Saltinho Waterfalls is a pleasant little waterfall that is located on the road that crosses Rio Corubal, it makes for a good pit stop. People driving down the road, stop over, to enjoy the water cascading down the mountain, and flowing through the roads. Take a dip, or just capture the images on your camera, but don't miss out on this beautiful breath taking sight in the middle of nowhere.  

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