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Call it the French Guinea, or Guinea, it still remains one of the most beautiful countries in Western Africa. The part of Africa that is jutting into the Atlantic Ocean, it is surrounded by water on most of the sides with a long beautiful coastline running along side the ocean. The Ghana Empire, the Sosso Kingdom and the Mali Empire were all part of the history with which Guinea today welcomes the world.

For a person visiting Guinea, the main attractions are the Ivory Coast and the highest point of Mount Nimba. A sleepy village, Bossou lies near the Liberian border of Guinea and is known to be one of the best places for wildlife and nature related explorations. Visitors can engage a guide to come along with them, and teach them about the chimps and the terrain. One can hike up the hills into the forest, and try spotting animals and birds. This is simply a wonderful way of exploring the rugged village, and getting closer to nature.

The highest point in Guinea, Mount Nimba is over 1750 meters from the sea level. This mountain range is part of the Cote D'lvoire and Liberia. One can climb up the mountain or at least head up to the summit, which is easily accessible from the village of Gbakore. The mountain is quite steep and has winding path, so it is necessary that only people who are in good health attempt this. Tourists are advised to hire a guide who can take them up the hill, and describe the sights en route. Don't miss the Goliath frogs which are found in plenty in the Nimba mountain ranges, they are unique and look very different from other amphibians.


A few hours drive from the capital city of Conakry, Cape Verga has some of the best beaches in the world. The Bel Air Beach, once a lovely place for people to relax in, is today home for the President Conte's hotel. There are several other beaches nearby, like the Sobane, which are still unexplored and remain as they were decades ago.

The capital town of Guinea, Conakry is the main commercial centre for the country. The key sights to see here are the Atoll Waterfalls, and of course the Soumba Waterfalls. These are water cascades flowing down hundreds of feet, with a pool nearby for people to swim in. For the party animals, they can stay up late, and join the party scene in this town, or maybe grab a table at Timi's, which is most famous.

A recently created national park, this covers 6000 acres of open space and filled with forests, savannah and even a conservatory, which is one of a kind in Africa. The park is divided into different zones based on the nature of land.

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