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A tiny country in South Africa that is filled with rolling mountains, ranging between 6,000 and 7,000 feet, forms the border for the country of Lesotho. Maluti Mountains are what draws people to this country, with the long ranges stretching from the North all the way to the south. All these form plateaus which are quite high from the sea level. The highest point in this land is the Thabana Ntlenyana, which is nearly 11000 feet. In this country, the only thing rich is the volcanic soils and the mountains all across the east.

With plenty of rivers and mountain ranges, Lesotho happens to be a land filled with surprises around every corner. People find something new every time they make a trip, and these five things are a must see for every tourist.

Malealea Sehlabathebe National Park is the pride of the country and is what makes people come here in groups. With large vacant lands, there is plenty of space available for all the wildlife to roam freely in the park. They also ensure that the endangered species are cared for and they help in increasing their numbers as well. They breed them in captivity and let them free or send them to other parts of the world. A chance for people to see animals in their habitat, with no fences or restrictions is what makes this national park so beautiful


Hlotse is also referred to as Leribe, this is a hub for all shopping related activities in Lesotho. The place where crafts and other products are available in plenty is where people flock. Since the products sold here are made by the locals, they are all a reflection of the local customs and styles. With vibrant colours, the Hlotse is always buzzing with activity.

Quthing is a place that is different from elsewhere in the world, this is where one sees local art displayed on the rocks. Since the place is filled with mountains, people who lived here before us, have carved out patterns and images on rocks in the hills. And today, this is all there is left of what they knew, and how they expressed themselves. A sight that welcomes tourists letting them into the life that was once in Lesotho is a must visit for all

The capital city of Lesotho is Maseru and this is a laid back place. People land here when they come to Lesotho, and then start their journey to the interiors. There are hikes, visit to the local museum or the national park and some more options available with the tour operators within the city. Or one can always go off on their own and begin with exploring the town on foot or by car.

The gigantic mountain region of Thaba Bosiu is what put Lesotho in the world map. The mountain ranges stretches from one end of the country to the other, giving it a majestic appearance, and is very popular with climbers.

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