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The mere thought of a vacation is enough to make you feel relaxed. It is the time when you are free to take a break from your busy schedule and can spare out your free time for your family members. And there’s no better place to go than to Liberia in West Africa.

The capital city of this lovely country is Monrovia and has an estimated population of 3.5 million people. English is considered to be the official language in Liberia. This country is also known to offer intrepid adventurers with fascinating glimpse into what was previously a wonderfully hospitable and fascinatingly enigmatic society.

In the capital, Monrovia, the nightlife is all-embracing with dozens of crowded nightclubs, discos and bars open until the wee hours. Most of the nightlife is centred on Gurley Street and the Providence Island that has a bandstand and an amphitheatre where performances of traditional African music and dances are staged.

Liberia’s motels, restaurants and hotels include the Bw El Sitio Hotel and Casino, the Four Seasons Costa Rica hotel, the Casa De Linford hotel, the Villas Sol Hotel and Beach Resort and the Paradisus Playa Conchal all suite Beach and Golf Resort hotel, which serve a variety of American, European, Asian, Chinese, Lebanese and African dishes. Here, you will enjoy sampling some of the most unusual West African cuisines in ‘cookhouses’ which serve rice with traditional Liberian dishes.

Liberia produces a lot of its own brands of alcoholic drinks which are readily available like the Ginger beer and Palm wine which are very popular. Do you love shopping in a pocket-friendly way? Well, Monrovia offers you some of the shopper’s elegant boutiques and shops as well as modern, air-conditioned supermarkets which compete with old-fashioned stores.  


Liberian handicrafts include carvings in sapwood, camwood, ebony and mahogany, stone items, soapstone carvings, ritual masks, metal jewellery and figurines and reed dolls of the Loma.

As you enjoy your stay in the rich Liberia, there are various activities that you can do like experiencing the Liberian culture at the Kendeja National Cultural Center, go fishing in Lake Piso or make an interesting day's excursion tour of the Firestone Rubber Plantation, one of the largest in the world. Wildlife and nature enthusiasts are also not left behind as they can still visit the Sapo National Park that is home to a great variety of plants and animal species.

Or you could opt to go for swimming and boating at some of Liberia’s sandy beaches which include the Bernard’s Beach, the Caesar’s Beach, the Cedar Beach, the Cooper’s Beach, the Elwa Beach, the Kendaje Beach, the Kenema Beach and the Sugar Beach, all of which charge a small entrance fee.

Visit some fascinating attractions like the Centennial Pavilion, the Providence Island, Mount Wuteve and Mount Nimba which are simply breathe taking. The tallest man-made structure of Africa, the mast of former Paynesville Omega transmitter, is also situated in Liberia, not forgetting the adrenaline charged skydiving season which is best around December to May.

Now, based on her climate change, the best time to visit Liberia is during the dry season, between November and April. With lots of things to do and so many places to go and see, you will hardly realize when the vacation might come to an end! You won’t be disappointed.

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