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Libya is a country in North Africa and to its north lays the Mediterranean Sea coast. Apart from this, it has Egypt to the east and of course Tunisia to the west. Ancient sites and historical monuments fill the country, and with such a rich heritage, no wonder tourism here has picked up over the years. Even though it is a small country, there are people who have migrated here from other parts of the world, simply because they liked this lifestyle and were happy here.

Today, thanks to the relaxations by the Political parties, it has become easier to visit this country. Some of the sights that have made Libya so popular and which should not be missed out by the tourists are listed below.

A highlight in Libya is the old Roman city called Leptis Magna. During the early times, it was said to be the second largest town of the Roman Empire, following in the heels of Rome. But only later on, did it gain popularity amidst other countries in the world, but today stands as a monument drawing huge crowds, bringing in good revenue to the country. It is also a place of high value in terms of archaeological significance, so be sure to take a look here before going elsewhere.

Second in line when talking about popular archaeological sites, Cyrene is one of the best preserved cities in Libya. With plenty of temples, tombs, theatre and agora, the designs will tell you how similar they are to those of the Delphi. This town was found by the Greek settlers who came from the islands of  Thera, Cyrene came to be renowned for the people who were great philosophers and mathematicians.  


Jebel Acacus is a desert which is part of the UNESCO world heritage is filled with basalt filled monoliths rising into the sky. The sands here are a continuation of the Sahara desert, which is why the dunes are so high and beautiful. There are some unique rock formations and paintings which are all preserved by the UNESCO but open to public.

Some parts of the ancient city of Cyrene are occupied by the village of Shahhat, which is a new creation and quite modern. There are three areas which have been excavated, the sanctuary of Apollo, the fountains and the place where the statue of Apollo was found. All these have been renovated and what stands there is a must see for every visitor to Libya.

One of the rare sights in Libya is the Gaber Oun Lake, which is filled with clear water and found between the towns of Ubari and Sebha. In the middle of nowhere, this oasis is like the answer to the prayers of all those travelling for days through the arid desert. There is another lake nearby called the Germa, which is also as significant, except not so big in size.

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