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Niger has borders with Libya and Algeria to the north, Chad to the east, Nigeria and Benin to the south, and Mali and Burkina Faso to the west.

The capital, Niamey, stands on the north bank of the Niger River and has long been a major trading centre on this important navigable waterway.

The river meanders for 500km through the south western corner of the country. To the east is a band of semi arid bush country along the border with Nigeria, shrinking by 20km every year as over grazing claims more land for the Desert, which already occupies over half of Niger.

This desert is divided by a range of low mountains, in the eastern foothills of which lies the city of Agadez. Surrounded by green valleys and hot springs amid semi desert, this regional capital is still a major terminus for Saharan caravans.

The desert to the west of the mountains is a stony plain hosting seasonal pastures.

To the north and west are mostly vast expanses of sand. There is arable land beside Lake Chad in the extreme south eastern corner of the country.

The Hausa people live along the border with Nigeria and most are farmers. The Songhai and Djerma people live in the Niger valley and exist by farming and fishing.

The Manga live near Lake Chad and are well known for their colourful ceremonies in which pipes and drums accompany slow, stately dancing.  


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