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Described as the Middle East light, Bahrain is a country that mixes modern infrastructure with the identity of the Gulf. This country is known to be a Muslim country but is considered as one of the more liberal ones after it allowed its citizens the freedom to choose their religion. It is one of the few countries wherein you would see a mosque having a Catholic church or a Hindu temple as its neighbour.

Known to be the location of the Biblical Garden of Eden, it was known in ancient times by the name of Dilmun. With over eight million visitors a year, Bahrain truly has some of the best tourist attractions in the world. Thanks to the country's love for their heritage, Bahrain has preserved the oldest and most historical places.

This kingdom combines Arab culture Gulf glitz and the archaeological legacy of five thousand years of civilization. So, ever fancied visiting this authentic and welcoming place? First, let me introduce to you the places you could visit during your stay here.

Qalat Al Bahrain, is a castle that has been listed down by the UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. It is composed of an artificial mound created by human inhabitants from 2300 BC up to the 1700's and was once known as the capital of the ancient Dilmun.

If you are into biology, or to be more specific, in botany the best place for you to visit is the Tree of Life. This tree is a 400-year old mesquite tree considered as a natural wonder. The tree stands alone in the desert about 1.2 kilometres away from Jebel Dukhan and where the tree gets the water to live that long is a complete mystery. 


If you were wondering how people knew about oil in the Persian Gulf, then the first oil well in Bahrain might answer your question. Way back on the 16th of October 1931, the well began to spurt out oil and on the morning of June 2, 1932, it expelled a lot of oil which has been mined ever since.

Just like any modernized country in the world, Bahrain has its share of malls and markets. With the combination of tradition and a touch of modernity, you will surely love the market place of Manama Souq.. Located in the heart of the city, near Bab Al Bahrain the market is really not that difficult to find, though if you ever get lost, find a noisy crowded place and you are definitely there.

Touring Bahrain can be a wonderful adventure, and if you get a little hungry, go for the best Bahrain delicacy experience at Cico's Restaurant. This restaurant is an award winning restaurant so expect the best dining experience Bahrain can offer.

So, still wondering what places in the world to visit? Start with Bahrain! This country has a lot to offer whether you are a Muslim, a Catholic, a Hindu, a Jehovah, or a Buddhist. The stigma of Muslim countries has never been as untrue as it is in Bahrain where you will be welcomed like family.

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