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I have always loved travelling to new places because I love meeting new people, experiencing the culture of the place, seeing new sights, and of course, eating authentic foreign cuisine.

I have been to two other countries and I'm not sure if it's all because of the novelty of travelling, but I really enjoyed my destinations. For the most part, I usually travel alone (since I do not know anyone from the area) so I ride public transportation. With those, I get to see the country the way a local would, but I'm pretty sure I appreciate and love the country more than they would.

Well, those two countries I have been are in the same continent as to where I live in. So, as I speak of this, probably since I have started exploring my homeland continent, I guess I would want to visit Bangladesh too.

Known for combining their old and new culture, Bangladesh is an exciting place where you can study about heritage and culture. Well, if you are going to visit the country, like I would, hopefully in the near future, here's a taste of what's in store for tourists in the country.

Bangladesh is a country rich in culture that is completely diverse, making it really fun to be there. Imagine a song that is just a lyric-based one and with only a few musical accompaniments, wouldn't that be weird, but in Bangladesh it's what their ears want to hear. They have a whole different culture and tradition that once entered would totally be like entering a new world. 


So what exactly is the best way to start out touring a whole new different and hopefully whacky place? Of course it is through the kitchen! Bangladesh is a land known for its delicious food. If you are in Dhaka, you can try Sajna for local and other cuisines. As most Asian countries, Bangladesh's staple food is boiled rice. They also use mustard and soybean oils as cooking medium. Anyway, perhaps before you leave a restaurant in this foreign land, you should try the Bengali curry, pulaos and the sweets this country has to offer.

After a long hour of practically stuffing yourself with authentic Bangladeshi food (which a lot of people mistake to be the same as Indian food) you can then start burning off the extra calories you just accumulated. If you are interested with treasures, natural treasures that is, then Bangladesh's capital, Dhaka would be the perfect place for you. Not only will you see natural wonders here, you would also see the wonderful Hindu temples and churches around it.

But if you are looking for a place where there would be a lot of people and a place where you could have a little swim, then Cox's Bazaar would be a wonderful place. This beach is famous for being the longest unbroken beach slope in the world.

However, not everyone who wants to be close to nature wants a place where there are a lot of people. At Khulna, you will find the largest forests in the world. It's typically quiet since it is a forest.

If you were looking for something exotic, then Sylhet is the place you're looking for. Different varieties of flora and fauna, several tea plantations and tropical forests are what you would find in this region of Bangladesh.

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