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Every tourist will be mesmerised by the Bhutan's pristine environment and the majestic scenery and architecture of its wildlife and historical roots. Bhutan is a tiny Himalayan kingdom situated between giants China and India. The kingdom, however, limits its tourist to those who can afford the mandatory US $ 200 a day tour fee in an attempt to preserve the cultural and environmental impact of tourism.

Tourists in Bhutan often go trekking because it has many higher regions. Situated along the ridges of the Himalayan Mountains, it's an ideal location for trekking the narrow strip of land in the south to the treacherous unclimbed peaks. The beauty here is seemingly untouched as the Himalayan diligently protect the area from the rest of the world.

Scenery is mostly characterized by high mountains and towns precariously perched on ridges, which makes it a perfect place for adventurers. However, the walks are generally tough as there aren't any places to eat in the higher regions and so all food and camping equipment must be carried with you. But just think of the stunning scenery of flying clouds and green mountains, all difficulties and discomforts of trekking are worth the sacrifice.

As a kingdom of Buddhist religion, locals have always treasured the environment as confirmed by the many varieties of flora and fauna in the area. It is a land of many legends and tales and the people are most hospitable, where the air is refreshingly clean and where religion is seen as exciting. 


The importance of religion is demonstrated by the remarkable Buddhist temples which are scattered all throughout the country. These include the Kurjey Lhakhang, a temple built around a cave with a body print of Guru Rinpoche embedded in the wall. It is the earliest Buddhist relic in the country. The other is the Takstashang Monastery or the Tiger's Nest and known as the cliff-hanging Takstshang Monastery in Paro. This is one of the most popular Buddhist sites in the country. The temple is built on a 1,200 meter cliff and it is Bhutan's most famous sacred site.

Much of its architecture is very impressive. For example, the dzongs are ancient fortresses that now serve as the civil and monastic administration headquarters of each district. These fortresses contain many treasures of the ancient kingdom of Bhutan.

Another attraction in Bhutan is its popular Thimphu Tshechu festival which happens during the late summer and fall. This is a ceremony where the masked dances by monks are developed according to precise instructions given by past Buddhist masters. According to many, watching these dances is considered to be very auspicious and enjoying experience.

The next intriguing attraction in Bhutan is archery. Since it is the national sport, competitions are held throughout the country most weekends. Many citizens of Bhutan participate in this sport. Tourists come to watch and join in with the boisterous cheering of support.

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