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Cambodia is well known for its classic and colourful dresses covered with intricate design and embedded unique buttons. It is regarded with its royal luxuries from foot to head. Despite the visions and impressions, Cambodia is full of sites and attractions that demonstrate the local cultures and ways of life.

The famous and popular viewing site of Angkor Wat is located in Siemreap Province and is one of the many tourist attractions of Cambodia because it is one of the ancient wonders of the world. In fact it is regarded as one of humanity's most magnificent architectural achievements. It is the Central temple of the hundred Khmer temples and monuments built in Siem Reap. The temples of the Angkor Wat are well preserved. It demonstrates the extraordinary creativity of the 7th and 11th century Khmer civilization. It is the cultural home of the Khmer people.

The Ta Phrom is one escape to the hordes of tourists. This temple was built in honour of the Queen mother. If you have seen the Tomb Raider, you should recognize it. Of particular interest is the smiling dinosaur like imprint set in the walls.  


The next attraction is the controversial Choeung Ek Memorial or the Killing fields. This is a 15 kilometre wide memorial Buddhist Stupa divided into levels and holding thousands of skulls. Many of the skulls are displayed with emphasis on each hole where they were clubbed to death in order to save bullets. This place may sound scary, but once there you will instead be fascinated by the hundreds of skulls that are displayed in the Stupa.

The next place to see is Banteay Srey and Pre Rup or the Citadel of the Woman. The carving of the temple will fascinate you because it is composed of beautiful rose coloured sandstone. This ruined temple is uncrowned, so tourists are free to take as many pictures as they'd like. Banteay Srey is well worth a visit and highly recommended. The Pre Rup is another ruin near the Barteay Srey. It possesses beautifully carved artificial doors. The main tower, which is extraordinarily high, provides great views of the surrounding country side.

How about experiencing the royal lifestyle? The Royal Palace is another must see attraction. The complex is surrounded by a high wall and has many elaborate gilt temples built in traditional Khmer architecture with many tiered roots and topped by towers. The throne room is the main highlight of the Palace. The whole complex is immaculate and is considered a peaceful oasis away from the busy and noisy city. Upon entering the place, you are regarded as a guest of the royal family because the King and the Queen still maintain residence in the grounds.

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