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A country in the Arab world, Jordan shares its border with Iran, Iraq and Syria. Jordan is also known as Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, since it is still a monarchy. Most of this country is covered with arid deserts, which get water from the Oasis and the highest point out here is Jabal, which is nearly 5600 feet above sea level. The lowest point on the other hand is the Dead Sea, which is 1378 feet below sea level. A country with limited natural resources, Jordan survives with business from what little resources they have within their realms.

For tourists visiting Jordan, the place has much to offer, in terms of sights and monuments. Tourism also contributes to nearly 12 percent of their GDP every year. Numerous deserts, waterfalls, cultural sights are all what makes this place so popular. These are five things that one must see while on their vacations to Jordan.

Karak castle is one of the few historical buildings that still stands tall in Jordan. The castle dominates the town, and was where plenty of famous battles took place in this part of the world. When travelling to Petra, make sure to stop over at the Karak Castle to catch a glimpse of this stunning historical monument.

A place straight out of our imagination, Petra, is an ancient city with buildings and towering walls that will fascinate every visitor. There is no other place in the entire country of Jordan, that has such an impact, and requires more than just a couple of days to get the feel of the place. Its claim to fame came through the Hollywood movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.


Earlier known as the Gerasha, the ruins at Jerash, is of high significance in Jordan. A true example of the Middle Eastern Roman city, this was the hub for all cultural, and political events. The unique architecture, and sculptures on the walls will display the amount of craftsmanship that was around back then.

A beautiful castle built atop the Mountain Auf, Qala'at ar- Rabad is renowned for the Islamic architecture styles. It was originally built by Generals working with Saladin and looks upon the entire Jordan valley and the wadis that lead into it as well. A castle that one just should not miss while visiting Jordan speaks about the history of Jordan and its rulers.

In Amman, this Citadel sits on the highest point in the hill, Jebel Al Qala. It is also the ancient site filled with artefacts from the Bronze age, which reflect on how rich the fort must have been in earlier times. A fortress that is grand and majestic can be toured on foot, after one picks up the ticket from the foot of the citadel, in the office. There are people who come from various parts of the world just to visit this place, and take in the beauty.

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