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The ninth largest country in the world, Kazakhstan is also the largest landlocked country. For those who love to explore the unexplored sights, trudge along the arid deserts, and learn more about history, Kazakhstan is the place to visit. It has varied types of terrain, ranging from plains, plateaus, to steppes and even rocky hills. The country closest to its border is Russia, and maybe because of this, there is a strong influence in culture and religion.

The lakes that lie in the midst of forested hills, Kol Say lakes are at a height of nearly 2000 meters from the sea level. A great place for camping and spending a few nights under the stars, people come here just to take it all in and live as one with their surroundings. There are even helicopter trips that take off from the Almaty, and land in Saty, which is a lower lake, and can be reached through road as well. In and around this area, there are plenty of walking, trekking and horse back riding opportunities which has families excited and curious.

Kozha Ahmed Yasaui Mausoleum is the place where the famous sufi singer and poet's history is etched on the grave walls. A tomb that was built in the place where he died has become a monument of sorts for those who were fond of his poems and verses. Since the place was built around 1166, it has withered with age, and is now being restored by the Turkish government to preserve its appearance.


Set in the midst of thick mountains, the Almatinsky natural reserve is where one gets to see wildlife in their homes. Snow leopards and other endangered species of animals can be seen roaming the length of this reserve. Within the reserve is the highest peak, Mt Talgar, which can be climbed, but takes nearly 4 days to reach the hill top. Be sure to have permit for the same before venturing out into the trek.

A lake that is half fresh water and half saline is one spot that every visitor to Kazakhstan must see. It is also said to be one of the largest lakes in the world, surrounding which there is rich history in the buildings and monuments. These have been around since the Bronze age and the early iron ages, and so are nearly thousands of years old.

In the city of Almaty, lies the beautiful grand ballet theatre where one can witness the most exquisite performances. These take place regularly and so if you keep an eye out for the dates, you could catch one being performed by local artists. This is a place where one learns about the rich heritage, art and of course the cultural beauty that lies within Kazakhstan.

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