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With Burma around the corner, Laos is one of the most beautiful landlocked countries in Southeast Asia. Known as the Land of the Million Elephants, Laos is filled with forested landscapes, and rugged mountains all through. The climate here is tropical, and rains happen between May and November. It is part of the Golden triangle, since it is a country where Opium is grown here.

With economy on the upward slide, tourism is the major source of income in Laos. People come here to explore the hidden terrains, learn more about their culture, unique language, and style of dressing. Buddhism is the predominant religion here and so don't be surprised to see all those temples strewn across. Keep in mind, these five things that you must see when holidaying in Laos.

A large spiritual cave dug into the limestone cliff that is facing the river is what makes Pak Ou caves so popular. The caves are filled with images of Buddha in various styles and shapes, but the most beautiful is the Luang Prabang model of standing Buddha. There are tours conducted almost on a daily basis to this place, and the only means of transport is by boat from Ban Pak Ou.

Plain of Jars is another popular destination with tourists staying in Laos. The only reason the place is called Plain of jars is because through the coastal region, there are huge jars strewn all over the place. There are three places which are open to public, of which one of them has the most number of jars. Most of these jars are nearly 2000 years old, and the mystery behind them is that they are all filled with bones, or food remains and has no other information on them. Some of the jars are as heavy as 6 tonnes, and made of stone, which was not very common in this area.


Known to be the largest waterfall in all of Asia, Khone Phapheng is beautiful and breath taking. It is located in the south side of Si Phan Don. If you are lucky, you could get to see plenty of dolphins around this region.

A place that is very special to residents of Laos is the Pha That Laung. This is where one sees Buddhism and Lao sovereignty go hand in hand. The monument looks like a missile from afar, and when getting close, one sees that it is a tall structure with small windows on the sides. A major festival happens here every year in November, which is the highlight of the place.

A small structure, which is very tiny when compared to the Angkor era sites, Wat Phu is a monument that is very unique. The ornate Shiva sanctuary, and the crocodile stone are what make the place so enigmatic and popular amidst visitors. A three day Buddhist festival takes place here every year, when worshippers make their way up the Wat Phu Champasak, and also leave offerings.

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