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Renowned as one of the most heavily populated areas in the world, Macau is located 60km southwest from Hong Kong. The glamour of Macau is at its peak during the nights, when this 27.5 square kilometer city transforms into an Asian Las Vegas, where an exciting range of themes and recreational events await you.

The Docks (Docas) features outdoor restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs while most of Macau’s top bars and restaurants are sited around Avenida Sun Yat Sen. Most 4 – 5 star hotels in Macau house nightclubs hosting popular Portuguese folk dances, live band shows featuring cosmopolitan genres, topped with DJs rocking the dance floors all night long.

The Fisherman’s Wharf area, nestled in the waterfront of Outer Harbour, is Macau’s first thematic entertainment zone featuring a microcosm of the World’s popular destinations. Sprawled over an extensive area the resort provides entertainment, shopping, dining, accommodation, a theme park and even conference facilities. You can take a tour around the world in minutes when you explore its diverse theme sites including the Amsterdam, Cape Town, Italian Riviera, Lisbon, New Orleans and Spain among others.

There are various pubs in Macau such as Blue Bar, Bolo de Arroz, Embassy Bar, Eskimo 4, Irish Bar and the Jazz Club. Moreover there are numerous casino and gaming sites in Macau including Casa Real Casino, Casino Hotel Lisboa, Casino Marina, Diamond Casino, Fortuna Casino and Golden Dragon Casino, to name but a few.


And if you wish to be the star of the night, sing to your hearts content along with your friends at the popular karaoke lounges and clubs in Macau found downtown, along Rua dos Pescadores and Estrada do Repouso as well as in the locality of The Docks. You can also drop in at the Macau Cultural Center for a movie at the small auditorium or enjoy various performances such as ballets, opera, and other shows at its Grand Auditorium.

Macau also features open air entertainment such as laser shows during weekends, holidays and festive seasons including the New Year and Christmas. You can enjoy these shows while taking a romantic promenade in the Senate Square (Largo Senado), or along the serene beaches of Coloane Island, or along pathways through various temples and gardens of Macau.

You can also visit the Cybernetic Fountain sited on the Nam Van Lake waterfront along Avenida da Praia Grande. This unique fountain has 288 spotlights and 86 spouts with the tallest reaching 80m in height, and is entirely computer controlled and synchronized with the enchanting background music. You can savour delectable food served at nearby food outlets and be mesmerized by its psychedelic cascades dancing to the beats.

There are various hotels in Macau, presenting an array of choices to suit every budget and taste. Luxury hotels in Macau such as The Venetian Macau Resort Hotel, houses some of the most prominent night clubs and karaoke lounges in the locality, featuring live band shows ranging from jazz to electronic, Chinese folk-pop and rock.

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