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In earlier day Myanmar was popularly known as Burma. Burma means the Land of Human Origin. The people of world also recognized the place as Golden Land. Burma is situated along the eastern coasts of the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea in Southeast Asia. The whole area of Burma comprises of 677,000 square kilometres from east to west and 2,051 kilometres from north to south. Mainly the hills covered the city while valleys are there in the north side. Mountain ranges covered the west, and east side. Ayeyarwaddy, Sittaung River valleys and Chindwin are the flat lands. These are agricultural land where most of the population is concentrated.

The total length of Myanmar-Bangladesh boundary is 271 kilometres whereas the total length of Myanmar-China boundary is 2,204 kilometres. Myanmar-Thailand boundary can be calculated as 2,107 kilometres while Myanmar-India is 1,338 kilometres. Myanmar-Laos boundary is 238 kilometres as well. The topography and location of the country rendered a variety of climate conditions in Burma. There are seasonal changes in the monsoon. Wind directions changes and thus created rainy, summer, and winter seasons. You cannot see extreme temperature in Burma. When the wind direction changes and depression occurs, it results rain. During monsoon season heavy rains occurs in the coastal areas. Forest conservation gets priority from the Burmese Government.  


Nearly three hundred species of mammals, hundred bird species, three hundred reptiles and not less than seven thousand plants are present in the natural habitat of Myanmar. In present days Myanmar considers such a rich pool of bio diversity and it is undoubtedly an important national asset. Most probably this is the reason why the Government has drawn up firm regulations to look after its biological resources. Go and visit the Inle lake in Burma, you will have a mesmerizing feeling. The pristine water, floating gardens and mist covered mountains are really assets of Myanmar. The charming Burmese villages are the other attractions.

In Burma you can visit the Intha people living in the surroundings of Inle Lake. They are the inhabitant of the place. The meaning of their name is the ‘sons of the lake’. The houses in the village are made of wooden and bamboo located just in the midst of the lake. Here vegetable garden and flower float in the water. The natural harmony is unbeatable here. Beds of flotsam and water hyacinth have been created at this place. The bottom of the lake is protected with bamboo rods under the water. Rich fertile plots of land are there for cultivation where an array of crops is cultivated successfully. Some of the names can be mentioned as beans, cabbage, tomatoes, cauliflower, melons and papaya. These vegetable can be seen in the vast open-air markets that operates on a five-day rotation. Cottage industry is also possible in the surrounding lands of Inle Lake. Silk and cotton are brilliant items that are apt to develop cottage industry. Inle’s weavers are truly famous for the delicacy and beauty of their textiles. You can go and visit the workshops out there.

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