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Jeddah is the main city of the Red Sea side of in Saudi Arabia the major commercial centre of the country. Situated on the western coast of Saudi Arabia.

The climate is moderated by the Red Sea, Jeddah is located at the heart of the region, positioning the city as the main centre of commerce in the Middle East and North Africa.

Jeddah is a modern city of more that two million people. Another million during Hajj, the time of the annual pilgrimage to Makkah. Along the shores of the with a palm fringed road bordered by villas, palaces, hotels and beach resorts, and developing inland towards the mountains that form a backdrop to the city, Jeddah is a wealthy, thriving cosmopolitan city with every luxury and world class facilities.

Although alcohol is banned and illegal in Saudi Arabia, it can be found in Jeddah. However it will be extremely expensive, as all alcohol is a black market and it is advised to only consume it in the privacy of your home or a private beach club.

Jeddah is seen as Saudi Arabias most liberal city, the restrictions, in particular for women, are significant. Female are required to wear an abaya at all times in public, were barred from the hotel gym and swimming pool and could only take part as passengers in the off road driving event as women are banned from driving in Saudi Arabia.


Arabic is the main language in the country and is the language used in all official departments. English is the second language and can be seen on street signs and advertisements. Most of the younger and many of the older generations speak English moderately well so communication is not a problem.

Traditional markets are found in the alleys of the old town. It is ideal for a stroll to soak up the atmosphere of this ancient city and to hunt for souvenirs. On sale are textiles, jewellery, fruit and vegetables, carpets, camel stools, coffee pots and much more.

May to September temperatures are about 45 or higher throughout the country with slightly cooler coastal temperatures. December to January temperatures will drop dramatically.

Whether Jeddahs tourist industry will get a boost from the arrival of BMI remains to be seen, but whatever the passenger profile, one thing is certain the return of a UK based carrier with a direct flight from London to Jeddah has been warmly welcomed by Saudi Arabian and residents alike.

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