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If you are planning to travel in these vacations then we have a perfect place for you. Syria, it's a beautiful country located in the south west part of Asia. Its neighbours are countries like Israel, Jordan and turkey. Damascus being its capital city is like icing on a cake. You must be wondering why you should visit Syria instead of other countries. For answers to such questions you must go through this entire write. By the end of this article I assure you will pack your bags for Syria. Syria is beautiful country with lots of rich ancient heritage. It has some of those few countries which were inhabited by human species in the beginning. The past, secrets and culture of this country will mesmerize you and will force you to know more about it.

This country has something to offer for everyone. History lovers will find Syria the richest hub for ancient knowledge. It has numerous museums which have stored secrets and knowledge of great importance. Syria can offer you history, it can allow you to enjoy the latest modern society, and it has some of the world's largest and oldest mosques. These mosques are of great importance to the Islamic culture. The mosques are also well built with distinctive architecture; hence they are worth a visit. The architecture used in building of these mosques enhances the beauty and add to their importance. Some of the famous mosques that you can find only in Syria are The Ummayad Mosque and the great mosques of Aleppo are two world's largest mosques.

The Ummayad Mosque can be regarded as an exceptional piece of art. This mosque's shrine is regarded as place where the remains of john of Baptist. Similar to this, there are various things in this mosque which can be regarded very important. Shiah is the place in this mosque in which john of Baptist son's head is preserved. This mosque has been visited by a pope in the year 2001 named John Paul 2. It was the first time in history that a Christian pope entered a mosque. The pope came especially to see the remains of John the Baptist. All the mosques in Syria holds some or the historical importance. Another architectural master piece is the azem palace situated in the core of the city. It is very famous for its interior designing and marble work. The fountains and parks which surround it make it a beautiful place to visit.


Your visit to Syria will be worth after visiting even a single monument. The clean surroundings and comfortable climate makes it a very light and cosy place to visit. Al-Takieh -suleimanieh is another wonderful monument that no tourist should miss at any cost. The minarets of this monument add to its grandeur. Mount Qassium foot holds in it a beautiful place which was actually built to provide shelter to the refugees. The name of this monument is Al-Salheih. Apart from the rich diversity in the presence of mosques and Islamic structures in Syria, churches also add to its rich heritage. Some of the ancient churches of the world are located in this country.

Old city of Damascus is the cathedral of Damascus, Virgin Mary's cathedral, house of Saint Ananias and the chapels of Saint Paul are some of the very famous and beautiful churches of this country. You will lose yourself in mesmerizing these amazing monuments. You may feel totally amazed after witnessing the heritage diversity this country poses. Syria has a dominant population of Sunni Muslims but Christians and Jewish people are also its residents. This country provides tourist variety of things. Apart from church, mosques and famous monuments this country has some very beautiful mountain ranges as well. These mountain ranges are named as Kassoium Mountains. This country is drained by the Barda River. Syria is supported by Anti-Lebanon Mountains. The climatic conditions of this country also support tourists throughout the year. You can also enjoy heavy snow in the winter season.

The list of positive points for this country never comes to an end. We are sure that by now you must have made your mind for visiting Syria. The great hospitality by the residents of this country will force you to visit Syria again and again. You will enjoy every bit of your stay in Syria. Amusement parks and various outdoor sports will help you enrich a bit of everything. Come to Syria and you will be spellbound by its uniqueness.

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