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Turkmenistan is a country in Central Asia. Afghanistan lies to the south east, Iran to the south west, Uzbekistan to the north east, Kazakhstan to the north west and the Caspian sea to the west. All of the ancient Turks like the Parthians, the Seljukas and the Khans of the Khoresms had built their empires in the deserts. There was an influence of Islams over here. The main centres of attraction lie mostly around the desert areas. If you visit this country, don't miss out on the Sunday market which provides the Turkmen carpets.

The government has made good accommodation facilities for the tourists and have even arranged for seminar halls and conferences to be build. Ashgabat is the capital city of Turkmenistan. The arch of neutrality is the highest construction in Turkmenistan and on the top of the arch is the golden statue of the president of Turkmenistan which rotates twenty four hourly. The Lenin square with its statue is again a great point of attraction for tourists. The Orthodox Church of Alexander Nevsky is a holy place and a place of worship especially for the Christians.

Ertogrulgazi Mosque is a mosque in Turkmenistan which has four minarets and a huge dome. There's also a carpet museum which has innumerable antique carpets. So these are the main points of attraction of Turkmenistan and tourists come to see this place from all over the world. People who are fond of deserts and mosques and monuments will like this place very much. There is also a national museum of history and Ethnography which has a lot of ancient arts and handicrafts of Turkmenistan. The museum consists of Ivory collections which are discovered during excavations.


The archaeological sites of Nissa have collections of both old and new Nissa. There is a desert called the Garagum desert which means the black sand. If you visit Turkmenistan then the people of this place will be sure to give you a warm, friendly welcome and will treat you with hospitality. The people here are very friendly by nature. Ashgabat is the starting point of the journey and consists of many monuments.

The food of Turkmenistan is quite similar to that of Central Asia. There are many good restaurants in Ashgabat , the capital city of Turkmenistan. The authentic food here is plov, Shashlik, manty and shorpa. They are truly mouth watering and any tourist visiting must taste the food for themselves as the place is renowned for it.

Turkmenistan will make a great holiday where you can experience the ancient culture of Turkmenistan. Lovers of history, monuments and all kinds of ancient traditions will be fascinated by this country.

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