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Uzbekistan is a country in Central Asia which was previously a part in Soviet Russia. Kazakhstan lies to its west, Kyrgyzstan to its north, Tajikistan to its east and Afghanistan and Turkmenistan to its south. Uzbekistan is place where ancient history is found and there are natural scenes and sceneries. There is living history found in this city which is preserved not only in the museums but is also found in the temples, tombs and the sites of the ancient settlements.

Uzbekistan is still a religious pilgrimage. There are tall minarets, madrassahs, mosques and palaces and mausoleums which are decorated with jewels. There are oriental bazaars, ancient traditions and culture and warm hospitality by the people found here.

There are many architectural monuments found on the plains of Central Asia. Afrosiab hills, Bibi Khanum mosque, Gur Emir Mausoleum, Registan, Shahi zinda ensemble square are the greatest tourist attractions. The cities which are famous here for science and art are Samarkhand, Bukhara, Khiva, Shakhrisabz, Termez and Kokand. The palaces and monuments are created to give a tribute to Alexander the great and Genghis Khan. The natural beauty of this place is such that after seeing it you will be mesmerized by it. The white mountains under the blue sky start shining under the rays of the sun. The mountain passes, gorges, pastures and the rapidly flowing rivers attract tourists from all over the world.


There are special tours to the great silk route, the land of tamer lane and Babur, Al-bukhari which is a combination of ancient and modern cultures. The journey to Uzbekistan is very luxurious. A site of the historical and modern places, the various food found here, meeting the various people serves as a luxurious tour. Uzbekistan is no doubt a fantastic place to visit and people are often very much impressed after seeing it all. Uzbekistan has a continental climate with little precipitation. Uzbekistan is located between the Amu dyra and the Syr dyra rivers.

Samarkhand, Bukhara and Khiva are the places where architectural splendours are found and hence tourists come here from very far places. There are both individual and group tours provided to the tourists. There are also some conferences and seminars organized in Uzbekistan. Tashkent is the capital city of Uzbekistan. Samarkhand is considered to be the mirror of the world, garden of the soul, jewel of Islam and the centre of the universe. In Bukhara, its founder had built a Citadel but its growth depended entirely on its location. There are also a few other cities but Ferghana valley is considered to be the heart of Uzbekistan and majority of the people of Uzbekistan live here. The people here are very fond of music and dance. Handicraft is also a very important part of the culture here.

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