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Yemen is an exotic Middle Eastern country that is located on the Arabian Peninsula. Hailed as one among the ancient countries, in the world, Yemen has a significant role in the trade scene of the Middle East. Frankincense, myrrh and Arabian spices are all the vital commodities that are traded from the place.

The Sandy plains, fertile plateaus, sand dunes and the mountainous terrains of Yemen, allure the visitors. The brilliant architecture, souks, spice markets, mosques and city walls of Yemen are captivating. Yemen is also very famous for the host of historic sites that are present in the country.

Sanaa, the capital city of Yemen is a major tourist attraction of Yemen. It is believed that the city was founded by the son of Noah, Sham. Sanaa is considered to be an old city and urban settlement. It is a World Heritage City and is home to spectacular specimens of exceptional architecture, innumerable mosques, baths and homes. Suq-Al Milh is a vibrant souk, in Sanaa and everything from spices to silverware is sold in the souk. Sanaa also houses the National Museum. The National Museum is a great attraction in the city.

Wadi Dhar is another interesting place in Yemen. Wadi Dhar is popular for being home to Imam's rock palace. The Rock palace comprises of fruit gardens, inside the palace. Wadi Dhar is a famous place, where people spend their leisure hours, in Sanaa. Every Friday, a Wedding Dance is performed, on the plateau. This is a big draw among the local populace and tourists from all over the world. A walk through Wadi and Al-Gabel, a village is a fun filled experience.  


Another historical and famous tourist attraction is Thula Himyarite. The capital of Yafur dynasty, Thula Himyarite attracts many visitors, from various parts of the world. It was the capital of the legendary Yafur dynasty, before Islam's beginning, during the seventh and eight century. Considered as a retreat for the Imams, during the sixteenth century, Thula Himyarite is located in Thula Hababah. A tourist can visit Kaukaban, the fortress town and can engage in a walking trip to Shibam.

The city of Taizz is also another attraction in Yemen and is situated in the southern part of Yemen. The city is a unique mix of the new and the old. The city is replete with old buildings and modern skyscrapers. The city is also famed for the mosques. An ancient fort, Al- Qahera is an interesting tourist place. The Salah palace that is present in east of Taizz has many artefacts of the royal family, witnessing which, provides a journey through the past.

For a shopping buff, who tours Yemen, Beit Al Faqih is an experience in itself. Beit Al Faqih is a famous place that is world- renowned. This is the biggest regional market that convenes every week. The market is active on every Friday. Yemen has an array of tourist attractions like Zabid, Khoka, Al- Janad mosque, Sibam, Tarim, etc. Yemen, despite being a leading player in the trade in Middle East is also rich in natural beauty and this makes it a great tourist spot.

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