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Armenia is a small non-coastal country bordered by Europe and Asia, between the Black and Caspian Seas. Earlier it was a part of former Soviet Union. You can say that it is now just about a fraction of the ancient Armenia.

It has greatly diminished in size and also in significance as to what it was in the ancient times, whilst some of the great stories of the Old Testament were played within its borders. The capital of Armenia, Yerevan, can be classified as one of the oldest cities in the world as it was founded even before the founding of ancient Rome.

Many people come on holiday to Armenia for the healing spas, ski resorts and to enjoy the magnificent Mount Aragats. The beauty of the vast Lake Sevan is breathtaking! There is no doubt that historically, culturally and even scenically the Republic of Armenia is a charismatic destination. It boasts of many natural attractions and is also spoilt for beauty and acknowledged as a cradle of civilization with centuries of ancient history to untangle.

As Armenia was one of the first countries to take on Christianity as its official state religion in 301 AD, most of the country's surviving ancient monuments are Christian churches and monasteries. Armenians still consider the Mt Ararat, now in Turkey, the highest in the region at 5,165m, to be a symbol of their land, and it features on their national emblem today. It is believed that this is where the Biblical Noah's landing of the ark landed following the great flood. We all know how important the story of Noah's Ark is in Judaism, Christianity and Islam.


Armenia is a very mountainous region and as mentioned earlier, the enthralling Mount Aragats stands as its highest peak. The countryside is inundated with little lakes, and Armenia also boasts of one of the world's largest mountain lakes which is called Lake Sevan. It is here in these mountains that there are a number of health spas and treatment centres. The region of Tavush is recognized for its healing mineral water and you can see resorts like Ijevan and Dilijan. They are also well recognized treatment centres in the area.

If you are looking forward to seeing some impressive scenery then Armenia is a very popular destination for you. The resorts here are very popular in winter for their excellent skiing facilities. Those who visit the Syunik region are impressed by the striking scenery and natural springs. The Tatev Monastery, Stonehenge of Armenia, Goris and the Shake waterfall are sights to remember and cherish. Campers and hikers can venture to the north and explore the Lori region. It also has two UNESCO World Heritage sites, the monasteries of Sanahin and Haghpat, as well as the Odzun Cathedral.

You can take advantage of expertly guided hikes and treks all the way through the amazing landscape of Armenia in the southern Caucasus. A visit to Khosrov Nature Reserve, some nomad villages and ancient Christian churches makes it is worth taking the trip. People here are warm and hospitable and have a very rich cultural tradition. Many tourists now stay in the holiday villas that can now be rented as holiday homes. By staying in these holiday villas enables them to experience the true culture of this amazing country.

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