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When anyone thinks of war whether it is World War I or World War II, Napoleon war or Northern wars, there is only one great place that could offer plenty of rich memories of these great events of our time, that place is Belarus. Aside from these events, Belarus has plenty of history of Russian Socialist Revolution, as well as the Jewish History.

Many known personalities were born or have roots in Belarus, not to mention the Bielski brothers, Irving Berlin, David Mayer-Lanski and many others who have helped shape our world history. So that when one wants a great appreciation of world history, Belarus will be an informative place of destination.

For example, the Khatyn, a memorial to a village burned during WW II, is one piece of evidence that Belarus had an active role during WW II. It has a Graveyard of Villages - each grave symbolizes each one of the Belarusian Villages that have shared their terrible fate with Khatyn.

Another is the Brestkaya Krepasc or the Brest Forest, this is famous by the deed of Belarus heroic garrison. Belarusians had an unprecedented guerilla resistance scale. These partisan fighters stayed in Belarusians woods fighting Germans. In commemoration of this deed, Brest Forest was arisen in memory of the partisan fighters.


Aside from these heroic memorials, Belarus has plenty of XII-XIV century's castles. The Mir Castle, one of the many former residences of the famous Belarusian, is well preserved and serves now as a residence of the college of architectural restoration. The other castles include Nvasvizh, Zaslaue, Lida, and Kamianec.

The 12th Century orthodox churches are also well preserved in Belarus. The St. Sophia Cathedral of Polacak is standing beautiful and mighty in Belarus. The famous Farny Jesuit Cathedral in Hrodna is one of the well preserved and main attractions of Belarus.

Besides these historical places, Belarus has many attractions in its nature. Aside from the fact that it is a country of thousands of lakes, it has the last piece of primeval European forest. Its national park, Belavezha, has the relict of a European relative of Buffalo- Zoobr. Its capital city, Minsk, is designed similarly to a huge botanical garden.

Other natural attractions include the Belarus Typical Landscapes that include pine and mixed woods. Tourists can also enjoy bird watching in the vast fields, forests and marshlands of Belarus. It has no private lands, so camping is quite popular with tourists. They can fish, gather berries, mushrooms and flowers, and swim in the lake without any hassle. The pace in Belarus is slow and relaxing and the people are warm and welcoming to tourists.

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