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There is no doubt that for a long time Bosnia has only been known for the conflicts in this area. Bosnia can be said to be the most eastern part of the west and the most western point of the east. It is trying to recover and you will be able to holiday there and find some good places to enjoy.

Bosnia-Herzegovina, now also known as Bosniais a simulated group of four economies which are working together. They cannot be said to be doing a very good job of it. They consist of the Serbs, Croats and their supposed allies, the Bosnians and each of them run their parallel economy.

Morica Han is a place that you may come here looking for some history but will stay on and have coffee. When Sarajevo was used as a place to stop on the ancient crossroads between East and West, it was a tavern. Lot of things have changed since then, you will not find any wickerwork chairs which was used by the coffee drinkers. You will instead find benches for tired travellers and there is a carpet shop with stacks of rugs, which were stables earlier. Never the less you will have a feeling of some history here.

Mostar's Old Bridge was devastated in 1993, but this bridge has been re made in 2004, the interesting point here is that they have used the traditional 16th-century technique to do it. A number of tourists come here to see young men diving into the river. This can be best seen in July, when there is a competition for all and a lot of professionals gather here.


You can see the National Museum from Tuesday to Sunday between 10:00 - 14:00 hours. It is located in an imposing Romanesque building. National museum is the best place to get to know the history of the land. It has a number of items displayed, that comprise of objects from the Neolithic era, Roman findings, traditional wear of Bosnian, Croat and Serb people. You will also see the Jewish Haggadah, a holy codex which was transported here by Sephardic Jews. There is a beautiful and comforting garden behind the museum and has an assortment of botanical collection.

You will find a more contemporary History Museum near the National Museum, which has an exhibit of old photographs from Bosnia and Herzegovina. You will see some very disturbing exhibits here which are from the 1990s war; there are some which are the personal belongings that bear the impression of the blockade.

The other highlight of Bosnia is the casinos, you may not be able to find too many of them but few good ones make up for it with their quality. The Coloseum Casino is just the one to see, it will not matter from where you have come, you will be able to play and enjoy all the games that you know. The location of this casino is just perfect as this area is well populated and a lot of tourists come here for business as well as holiday.

In recent years Bosnia has become a popular holiday destination with holiday makers staying in self catering holiday accommodation. Many choose to rent holiday villas and self catering apartments and use them as a base to explore Bosnia while there on holiday.

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