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A Reservation in an Hotel on Guadeloupe is something that many people do, but if you just fancy the look of the hotel but know nothing about Guadeloupe Island, it might be a good idea to do some investigating .

Guadeloupe isn't France but a French Overseas Department, and in many ways is more France than its homeland itself. It is to France what Hawaii is to the United States. Until 2003 St Barthelemy, otherwise known at St Barts and St Martin were part of Guadeloupe but are now independently affiliated to France.

To look at Guadeloupe on a map and it looks butterfly wings connected by a bridge, and is in fact two islands, and the more north east wing is Grande-Terre, where Pointe-a-Pitre the main centre for commerce and the main seaport is to be found.

It is known for its white sand beaches, rolling hills, cane fields and this is almost certainly where your Guadeloupe Hotel Reservation will be made if you decide to come here. The best white sand beaches on Grande-Terre includes Ste. Anne, St Francois and Le Moule

The south west wing is called Basse-Terre, which is the larger of the two islands, where you will find waterfalls, a botanical garden, and a volcano which overlooks the waterfalls which in turn spray cool mists to soak the too adventurous visitor.

There is no doubt that Basse Terre has the main tourist attraction in La Soufriere Volcano almost five thousand feet above sea level. It is surrounded by the National Park a renowned rain forest, and in turn by beautiful deep blue seas. This is where you come for the diving which is so good it has been described as world class. There are darker sand beaches here, amongst the best of which are Grande Anse, and Deshaies.


The two butterfly shaped joined islands of Guadeloupe do have a number of things in common which includes delicious cuisine and genuine West Indian hospitality from really friendly people.

So you want to make a Reservation for an Hotel in Guadeloupe, and you want suggestions. This is always very difficult because reviews are so subjective, but the number one hotel in Basse Terre is probably Caraib'Bay Hotel. The top hotel in the St Francois beach area is the Amaudo Hotel. Close to the white sand beach of Ste. Anne your best bet may well be the Hotel Le Diwali. Of the hotels in Terre de Haut you couldn't do better than L'Auberge les Petits Saints aux Anacardies.

If you want to stay in Gosier then choose Le Mahogany Hotel , and the top hotel in Pointe-a-Pitre is Le Jardin Malanga, or go to Marie-Galante and choose the Cap Reva.

Whilst the list isn't endless, there are 94 hotels on Guadeloupe that you could make a reservation at, and so you are very much spoilt for choice.

Guadeloupe has much for its visitors to do from beachcombing, sea diving, jungle exploring, or just lying relaxing on a white sand beach. Why not make a Reservation in a Guadeloupe Hotel, and find out for yourself.

By the way the food owes much to its French origins, as does the wines, so you can expect fresh food, which is fabulous, with a leaning towards seafood, all of course with a strong Caribbean influence.

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