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The name Iceland brings to our mind, snow capped mountains and chill weather through the year. A place that would be a haven for all holiday goes, with its mountain resorts and fun activities, Iceland is also where most glaciers can be found.

The most commonly visited places in Iceland are the capital city of Reykjavik and Akureyi. Apart from these, there are several other places which would interest the visitors, but which are less popular and have not been advertised or promoted as much by tour operators.

One of the main reasons why people visit Iceland is just so they can experience the luxury at Blue Lagoon. The lush geo thermal pool and spa is hidden between the capital city and the airport. The water is known to be mineral rich heated sea water, which when flows on our body, rids us of all toxins and rejuvenates the system. Maybe, it is for this that people throng to take a dip, and float about in this lovely pool. The hot water provides a hydraulic massage, which helps increase blood flow and remove stress from our system. There is even an attached store that sells products used in the spa and salon.

Yet another hot water pool in Iceland is the Geysir, which literally translates to Geyser. This is the original hot water spring, based on which others around the world have been named. Jet water spurts from the ground and can go up to 80 meters at times. After a couple of years, as people began dumping things on the geysers, it almost stopped erupting, but resumed after the earthquakes hit Iceland. The other world famous geyser, Strokkur is right next door and the water there spurts up to 30 meters into the sky.


The most famous waterfalls, Gullfoss that tumbles down the canyon in Iceland is the next must see spot on the list for every tourist. For every tourist coming over to this lovely place, they can see the water spray from the mountains, shimmering through the rainbows. Gullfoss lights ups and looks almost magical to the visitor, with the vibrant hues and the cascade of water.

Myvatn is an impressive lake near the city of Akureyi. It is a special place because of all the volcanoes around the area. For families, there are various activities they can carry out while visiting Myvatn. When in Iceland, make sure to visit Myvatn, irrespective of the season, and you shall not be disappointed with what awaits you.

A magnificent lagoon in the middle of nowhere, Jokulsarlon in Iceland is situated near the small town of Hofn. The ice breaks off from the huge glaciers, which keeps the lagoon filled with icebergs all through the year, keeping the place pristine and preserved all through. This majestic lagoon will have you looking in amazement, and not wanting to leave the beautiful place ever.

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