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Latvia, or Lettonia as it is called is a country in the Northern Europe, and is separated from Sweden by the Baltic Sea. Most of the region is made up of plains, largely filled with forests and the highest point out here is the Gazinkalns, which is at a height of 1020 feet above sea level. Abundant wildlife can be found in this region because of the climatic conditions and rough terrain in some places near the sea. Since it is situated close to Russia, the winters are quite extreme, with constant snow falls through the season.

When holidaying in this part of the world, one needs to understand the terrain and plan accordingly. Listed below are five things that a tourist to Latvia may want to see while there on holiday.

Aglona Basilica is a church which was built in 1699, it still stands tall welcoming visitors into its walls. The rich architecture and beautifully crafted windows and doors are what make this place so beautiful. People come here to see the icon of the Virgin Mary, who is said to have saved Aglona from the plague that hit the country.

Every country has its share of history, and the Latvian Occupation Museum is well worth a visit. The kind of artefacts and monuments on display speak of the war that took place here, which left the place shattered. Apart from this, the Soviet and Nazi occupation of Latvia is also explained in detail right here. A museum that is a treasure chest of information is at times quite disturbing when we see the gory pictures and read about the events that took place early on.


Museum of Horns and Antlers is a museum with a difference, here one finds different kinds of horns and antlers on display. There are nearly 500 plus elk antlers and all these have been collected by one person during his lifetime. Vaide, a small town on the coastal region of Livonian has its share of beaches and sights to see, when one gets tired of all the horns and antlers on show. If we were to walk down the road, we would also notice antlers hanging from street signs, showing how common these are in Latvia.

Not only is Riga the capital city of Latvia, it is also where most of the Latvia's population lives. It is a beautiful city in the Baltic region, filled with buzzing life and activities through the year. It is the best place to put down your bags and begin exploring the country from.

Wherever people go, they look for something different and relaxing which is not available in their home town. And in most cases, they seek a beach resort or at least a seaside place to chill out in. Jurmala is one of those beach resorts, which is popular amidst tourists. They come here to put their feet up, relax and relax, breaking away from their daily routine.

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