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Straddling the mid Atlantic ridge around 950 miles west of Lisbon lays the stunning Azores archipelago. Often described as the tips of the lost continent of Atlantis, the islands maintain an Old World charm that is difficult to find almost anywhere
else in Europe.

The nine volcanic islands that make up the Azores lie about a third of the way across the Atlantic from the Portuguese coast. They are on the same latitude as Washington DC, but have a sub tropical feel about them due to the rich abundance of plants and flowers. Since the discovery of the islands in 1431 various authors have claimed that the islands are the remains of the lost continent of Atlantis.

Sao Miguel is the largest island consisting of two enormous volcanoes, Sete Cidades and Furnas, with a valley in the middle. Both volcanoes can be visited although Furnas is the only one still smoking. The sight of boiling black mud bubbling away within its craters is very dramatic and the mud is used in health treatments in the various spas that can be found on Sao Miguel.

The local restaurants offer Cozido das Caldeiras. A mixed stew cooked in a volcanoes crater although if you are serious about trying it you will need to order in advance as it takes eight hours to prepare. Sete Cidades is actually two linked craters that now form a double lake.


Taking immense pride in their discovery the Portuguese brought the finest architects and craftsmen to build magnificent churches and homes as they colonised the island.

The capital of the island, Ponta Delgada contains several baroque churches built of volcanic rock carved into arches and windows with anchors and shells.

The smaller islands of Santa Maria, Faial, Graciosa, Pico, Sao Jorge, Terceira, Corvo and Flores can all be reached by plane and there is a boat service connecting Sao Miguel with Santa Maria.

Whale Watch in Azores offers people from all walks of life a relaxing whale and holiday that can make a real difference to the environment. Regularly seeing 6 or 7 different species of cetacean in their natural environment, against the backdrop of Europe's western frontier, the beautiful Azores archipelago.

The magic of the Azores guarantees a great time for all the family sun, sea, sand and a unique natural beauty to inspire even the youngest minds.

The Azores make a perfect holiday destination for families. Stunning scenery, fascinating sea life and a wealth of activities that can all be pre arranged by us to make sure you and your family enjoy a fantastic Azores Experience.

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