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The official name of Serbia is the Republic of Serbia. It is a landlocked country situated in Central and South Eastern Europe. It also covers the southern part of the Pannonian Plain and the central part of the Balkan. Serbia shares its borders with countries like Hungry, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Herzegovina, Bosnia, Macedonia and Albania.

The population of this country is 10,160,000 and the currency of Serbia is Serbian Dinar. The official language of the country is Serbian but you can find people who speak French and English as well. Serbia is popular for several things like Belgrade night life, the mountain strongholds, great food and the soothing vineyards and monasteries on the green plains.

Like any other European country, Serbia has rich culture and great places that attract tourists from all over the world. Palic is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Serbia. It is an ideal place for tourists to spend their summers. Here, you can visit several of Palic's decorative parks where you can enjoy romantic walks with your partner. You can also see the beautiful lake. Palic is also famous for its monuments where you can get a feel for the rich culture of the country. There is a Film Festival and World Etno Music Festival organized every year in this part of Serbia.

Another favourite tourist place in Serbia is Staro Selo. It has a famous traditional church made up of wood. This church was built by Vujica Vulicevic in the 19th century. It is one of the best examples of European architecture. Now, the Serbian government has declared this church as one of Serbia's national treasures.


For all those who love traditional music, Guca Village is an ideal place for them. Every year this village hosts a brass music festival popularly known as the Trubaci Festival. This place is also suitable for those people who love their food. It offers some local dishes of Serbia with a lively atmosphere. The combination of fabulous music, great food and lively atmosphere make Guca Village one of the best tourist spots in Serbia.

To familiarize yourself with the history of Serbia, you can visit its famous Skull Tower. Here you can witness the symbol of bravery of the Serbian rebel armies. This tower contains 952 skulls of the soldiers who were killed during the early 1800 revolution against the Ottoman Empire. Additionally, to get some more information about the history of this country, you can visit Mediana. This place is the birthplace of Constantine the Great. Here, you can see some luxury villas with mosaic floors and the creative Roman bathrooms. This is truly a place well worth visiting.

If you are holidaying in Serbia, your trip will be incomplete without visiting Kapoanik National Park. It is a place where several accommodations are available for rent if you are eager to stay for a longer time to explore the park. This park has majestic scenery that is full of river gorges as well as this you can also see a numerous variety of trees. It is also home to some beautiful ski resorts.

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