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Slovakia is a popular family holiday destination for holiday makers staying in holiday homes. Self catering cottages and apartments are available to rent in Slovakia direct from their holiday home owners. Slovakia is an ideal destination for lovers of stories of the medieval era. This is because it has several fortified castles, caves, medieval towns, and mountains. It would thus be a unique and different experience.

The location of Banska Bystrica is in the mountainous region and is popular with holiday makers who like the outdoor lifestyle. It is possible to rent self catering cottages in this area and to use them as a base to walk and hike in the surrounding mountains. It is visited by holiday makers on vacation during the winter and summer months. Its center encompasses the famous SNP square, which has its origin in the 13th century. Other popular structures include the Assumption of the Virgin Mary church, the enormous house of Veit Muhlstein, the renovated version of Stredoslovenske Museum, and the museum of the SNP. Some holiday makers like to stay in self catering apartments and explore the local architecture.

Central Slovakia is the direction in which Nova Baha is located. It is the point where Mounts Stiavnicke vrchy and Pohronsky Inovec join. It consists of a magnificent landscape showing the charming town of Nova Baha. The height of the Pohronsky Inovec is 900m (with respect to sea level). The height of the town is 220m over sea level. Some of the luxury holiday villas with swimming pools have spectacular views in this region.

This area is flooded with historical monuments and it is possible to rent self catering holiday accommodation direct from their holiday home owners. One popular castle in this region is the water castle or Simonovany castle located on the island bounded by river Nitra. Brodzany is another castle in this location. It contains a museum and a garden. It derives its name from Alexander Sergejevic Puskin, a renowned writer. This place also contains the Church of God's Heart, where there's a marble cross depicting the statue of Jesus.


Bojnice's Castle is a famous castle that has several events throughout the year. The events correspond to the season going on at that time. The main events include the International Festival of Spirits and Ghosts, Valentine's weekend, Fairytale Castle, and Christmas at the Castle. Many families come on holiday to visit the castle and stay in self catering holiday cottages or apartments.

Bojnice contains a zoo as well. This zoo can boast of being Central Europe's most modernized zoo, where children and adults would find every reason to enjoy. It also contains parks showing diverse trees with eye-catching animals. This zoo is a home to 47 reptile types, fish of about 80 kinds, 75 species of mammals, and 130 varieties of birds. It is very popular with families and some stay in holiday villas when visiting it.

The people who are passionate about walking would gain a wonderful experience in Puchov. It consists of a highly developed community in a naturally beautiful setting. People can walk through a fountain made by an academic artist. The fountain also has coloured lights that change rhythmically. Puchov also has a Catholic Church which has its origin in the thirteenth century. The Church has a big Communion table as well. The cross is behind the table. Lovers of the outdoors and architecture stay in self catering holiday homes in this area. Here, one can go riding horses, cycling, and hiking as well. One can come across some blueberry trees on his/her way.

A Church having a beautiful architecture is situated in Rajecke Teplice. A Spa Aphrodite is also constructed at this place. It is imbibed with thermal springs. One can explore other places after the spa. The spa is popular with tourists and many come here on vacation and stay in some of the holiday cottages and villas that are near to the spa.

It can now be seen that Slovakia has many attractions for tourists to visit while on holiday to Slovakia. There are also many self catering apartments, holiday cottages and villas to choose from. It is little wonder that Slovakia is now such a popular tourist holiday destination for holiday home lovers.

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