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Nowadays, the internet played a very big part in all aspects of business including tourism. It has made things convenient to businessmen, students and even to regular people searching for information and data. It is indeed so easy for you to spend your Holidays to Bahamas. You just simply need to find travel agencies in net offering holiday deals to Bahamas. The most interesting part here is that spending holidays to Bahamas has great demands in the industry. Therefore, you could easily find packaged deals, cheap holidays and all inclusive holiday treats to Bahamas in the internet. You can browse the web and find out the several packages that are being offered for your vacation. You can compare the prices and settle for a travelling agency that offers you the best deal with the best price and the best amenities. Now if you are worried about a financial crunch that you are facing, just rest easy and surf the net I am sure you will find one.

Bahamas has a lot of interesting places to go. When you spend your holidays in Bahamas, be sure to visit one of these places.


If you are fond of water sports, Freeport Bahamas is absolutely one of the places where you must go. Freeport Bahamas offers variety of water sports including water skiing, scuba diving, swimming, skiing and fishing that you can indulge in. Aside from these, there are several other water sports and activities that you can enjoy. You just need to be a little creative and adventurous to try it out. The shops at the market place in Freeport sell wonderful souvenirs and mementos that you can take back home with your for friends. Freeport Bahamas is one holiday destination that you must go and relax if you want to have a break from your busy life in the city.


For those who want extreme underwater adventure, Grand Bahamas is also home to one of the oldest underwater cave systems in the world, situated at the Lucayan National Park. Whether you are looking for modern luxury or want to get away from civilization, Grand Bahamas offers the best of both worlds.


When you say Bahamas, you would think right away of those comprehensive pictures of lush beaches and great sunsets but opposing to popular opinion, there are other sights in the Bahamas that you can visit besides its seashores. One of these sights is the Cloisters, a 14th century monastery built by William Randolph Hearst. This is actually one of the four cloisters that have been taken from France and rebuilt on Bahamas. A great sight to behold, the cloister features a white marble statue called Silence. This was sculpted by renowned US artist Dick Reid. The Cloisters is actually a popular place where couples hold their weddings and anniversaries. It even has this gazebo that overlooks the Nassau Harbour that is really great in pictures.

Mclean's Town

McLean's Town is actually situated on a separate cay. It is the uttermost settlement in the east that can be accessed by roads and consists of two roughly parallel roads: the north road boasts a couple of bars; the south road borders Carrion Crow Harbour, named after the carrion-eating "turkey" buzzard or vulture. The cay has an unreliable supply of ground water. Therefore, water is pumped from the mainland. The villagers are good fishermen and those who own boats will ferry passengers to Deep Water Cay and Sweeting's Cay, the easternmost settlement.

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