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Barbados's original name, based on early records was Ichirouganaim and had the Awak tribe as its original population. However, the country got the name Barbados; a lot of researchers are still trying to find out why. Anyway, Barbados was claimed by the Portuguese by the mid 1500s to 1600s and after that, they have left the island.

The country has been dependent on sugar cane but this isn't something we are about to discuss. What I want to talk about are the sights and sceneries that Barbados has to offer. Before I talk about the famous and wonderful places in this country, you ought to know that they named most of their tourist spots after saints such as St. John, St. Peter, St. Lawrence and many more. If you are looking for a place where you can have a retreat, a place where you can commune with nature and your higher being, then Barbados is the place to go. With its beautiful beaches and famous churches, Barbados truly is a heaven on earth.

Christ Church sometimes called Saint Lawrence Gap or The Gap is Barbados Island's Highway 7 on the southern coast of the country. This 15,000 kilometre stretch is filled with clubs, resorts, hotels, restaurants, inns, and shops just near the sandy beach front. This, they say is the perfect place to find a new friend, or if you are lucky, a lover.


If you love sports such as football, rugby, cricket or baseball, well then, you can still have your daily exercise at Kenningston Oval. This oval is located to the west of the capital-city Bridgetown and is mostly used for playing cricket.

However, you're not one for the bustling night life, and would prefer the quiet relaxation that the country has to offer, you can hang around the wonderful and historical Animal Flower Cave located at St. Lucy. The place is named after yellow sea anemones which the locals know as animal flower. Geographical formations inside the cave have lead several researches to study the island in the hope of identifying its age.

If you haven't had enough of caves, perhaps you would enjoy Harrison's cave. This cave was first discovered in 1795, and became a tourist attraction in 1981 and tourists can use a tram to enter the sub terrains of this cave. Scientists say that the cave was formed by water eroding through the limestone rock. The strange formation of stalactites and stalagmites makes this place extraordinary.

Now that you've gone through the caves, let's try the park at Bathsheba, Saint Joseph known as the Andromeda Garden. It has a lot of flowering plants and tropical tress where you can have a quiet afternoon picnic with that special someone.

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