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You have set out to make your next vacation as memorable as possible and learn about Caribbean Travel. You will wonder what is so special about a Caribbean Travel Guide? Or are they just patronizing materials designed for commercial purposes?

Well, they are a little of both actually. After all, the people behind Caribbean travel guides do need a source of income in order to continue to publish their guides. Without a doubt a tremendous amount of research has been placed in these guides to just dismiss them as mere sales gimmick.

You would wonder that these days you can get all the information by searching on the web, but not all the time. Nothing can beat a Caribbean travel guide in terms of convenience and content

And believe it or not, itís always much more gratifying to pull out a Caribbean travel guide from your carry case, flip a few pages open, then slip it right back when youíre tried of reading. It sure beats having to wait in the airport, sitting bored silly and wondering whether or not your flightís going to be delayed.

That said, donít cling to travel guides religiously. Many travellers make that mistake. They are not the bibles that they are made out to be by some people. You should know that published materials, including travel guides, are out of date the moment they are published, because by then, there would have been new updated material that came up and it would be too late to include them.


We shall now set out to decide how to use a Caribbean travel guide. How would you know which information to believe and which facts are outdated? Unfortunately, there is no exact answer to that. To get the most out of your Caribbean travel guide, use them sparingly for basic orientation. Then try to discover the place on your own. That is, after all, what travelling is all about Ė adventure and discovery of new things. At the very least, when all other signs look foreign, the information on museums and places of interest are great.

Now, choice of hotels and restaurants in highly individualistic. Remember that bargains rise in price with popularity, so thereís every bit of chance that that hot new deal in your Caribbean travel guide isnít much of a deal anymore, considering how pricey it has become. And then sometimes, too, the places get easily full with foreigners and travellers like you, so you canít always expect your Caribbean travel guide to point you in the right place all the time.

Remember that because you are in the destination, you are in far better place to get what you want out of your vacation. Then, if you do wander around on your own, then you will surely find quality rooms with reasonable prices. They may be located in out-of-the-way places that Caribbean travel guide writers may not know about.

Taking your Caribbean Travel Guide as a support base. apply your mind and make your vacation a memorable one.

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