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Cuba is full of the bounties of nature and is an attractive get away for all types of people. It has a variety of tourist attractions for people of all ages to see and explore. It has a lot of must see places such as the beautiful white sandy beaches, the exploration of the secret caves, rivers and canals.

There are no shortage of landmarks and tourist attractions for tourists to experience. Its plazas and archways are two evidential landmarks as well as several others, that make Cuba's trademark feeling of being frozen in time.

Tourists can walk the famous Malecon. It is one of the most renowned tourist attractions in the whole of Cuba. It runs along the waterfront and this pedestrian walkway also features six lanes of important roadway that serves as one of the city's main routes. This has become a popular meeting place for important social gatherings and various festivals celebrated in Cuba. According to many tourists it is also a perfect place to watch the sunset.

The La Habana Vieja, also known as the old Havana is well-known as a tourist magnet. There are several old mansions and churches that help make the Old Havana one of the top tourist attractions in Cuba. Nothing can be compared to these magnificent mansions and churches. They are the original buildings that have been very well preserved over the years and this the reason the buildings are considered to be so unique.


For those people interested in the history of Cuba, you should visit the Museo de la Revolution to learn all about the Cuban revolution. The Museo offers exhibits that pertain to the Cuban Revolution, as well as the Cuban War of Independence. Famous personalities such as Fidel Castro and Che Guevara are the main attractions of the museum. You can also see the yacht known as Granma, which Castro and his band of some 80 men used to sail from Mexico to Cuba for their coup.

Tourist can also explore the most recognized tourist attraction, the Bellamar Caves. It is located 60 miles from Havana and 25 miles from Varadero. The cave has an ornate crystal sculpture. It also has an exciting underground river and ponds. The crystal formations are magnificent because as they aren't corrupted. Anyone who visits here will witness the untamed nature of the cave. The things that are inside the cave are well preserved. This cave, as is rightfully said, is truly one of the Cuban attractions that need to be seen to be believed.

In Cayo Coco, diving enthusiasts come and go. World class scuba diving in Cayo Coco is certainly one of the more rewarding things to try in Cuba. The waters are crystal clear and plenty of species of colourful fish and all kinds of other interesting ocean creatures can be seen. Cayo Coco is open to experienced divers or to those trying it for the first time.

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