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A holiday to the Dominican Republic is going to be exciting. The Colonial City is only a short mile long, but it has so many things to see inside the walls. Located in Santo Domingo, this city has monuments, statues, historical buildings, plazas, parks and churches as well as museums, forts and palaces. The streets are cobbled and it takes about three hours to see everything. You could easily spend an entire day and take your time to see everything. Do not forget to see the House of Cord, which is the oldest building and the Alcazar Palace. These places are fascinating to see.

The next place to plan a stop at is the Columbus Lighthouse Monument. It is located on the east shore and looks out over the Ozama River. The length of the lighthouse is 693 feet. An image of a cross is reflected into the sky from the lighthouse light. It is said that the remains of Columbus are housed inside the lighthouse. It is a great place to visit. The next place to see is the National Aquarium. It is only a mile away from the lighthouse. There is a variety of marine life to see and you will see the newest manatee that was rescued and is now housed at the aquarium.

The Plaza de la Cultura and the Los Tree National Park are two other places to see. The plaza has museums and theatres that have some interesting things to see. The theatre has dramas, musicals and the opera to see. The park is created from caves. The lagoons are beautiful and the stalagmites and stalactites are something to see. The Indian tribe Columbia Taino used to have religious ceremonies at the park many years ago. The park is a unique experience to have.


You can visit Amber Coast to see the Amber Museum or the Mount Isabel de Torres. The museum is unique because it has the very valuable amber of the Dominican. The amber is actually called a precious gem, but is really harden tree resin. It is said to be the most valuable in the world. At Mount Isabel de Torres, you can take a cable car ride to the top and look out over the area. There is a botanical garden at the top and a restaurant to sit and enjoy a meal or a drink. This is quite an experience and you see the area in a new perspective.

A holiday to the Dominican Republic should include a stop at Brugal Rum Factory, Fuerte San Felipe and Samana Peninsula. You will enjoy seeing these places as much as the rest of the Dominican Republic. The Amber Coast and Santa Domingo are fascinating places with many things to see and do. You will have more time to explore other areas of the area and see more beautiful buildings and sights as well. Enjoy the weather and talk to some people that will share many stories with you about the life and history of the area.

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