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Grenada isn't an island as many people presuppose, but in fact it is a three island state consisting of Grenada, Carriacou, and petite Martinique. It is an ideal destination for a Caribbean Vacation with Grenada itself being the largest of the three islands by some margin. Grenada is twenty one miles long and twelve miles wide, with a total area of 133 square miles, so it isn't so big as you can get lost, nor too small to discover all its secrets too quickly.

The three islands of Grenada are to be found in the Eastern Caribbean right at the bottom end of the Windward Islands, and only 100 miles from Venezuela on the mainland. North is Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, and to the south Trinidad and Tobago.

The climate of Grenada is neither too hot or too cold, varying from 75 degrees F to 87 degrees F, with the lower end being between November and February. The rainy season is between June and December but it hardly ever rains for more than an hour, and then not even every day, so the climate is eminently suitable for a Caribbean Vacation.

Grenada has about 45 beautiful beaches, and this is the big draw for tourists. The beaches are public property which means that the public has the right of access at all times.

On the westward or leeward side of Grenada is one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean called Grand Anse Beach. It is two miles of white sand in a sheltered bay, and has a number of hotels situated along its shore. It is sheltered and safe for swimming. There is a lot to do here, it is quite busy, but you will find everything from restaurants, hotels, water sports centres, even deck chair rentals.


If however you want to be in a less touristy spot there are six other beaches on the west coast between Grand Anse and Point Salines, which are more private, and particularly you might enjoy Morne Rouge Beach. It is just south of Grand Anse, is smaller, and calm with lots of shallow water making it very good for families. In addition there are no water sports shops, and only one hotel and restaurant on the beach.

The best snorkelling beaches are near to the Aquarium Restaurant or Rex Grenadine Hotel.

The most secluded beaches are at Lance Aux Epines and St David's. It isn't as easy to get to them, and you will need a 4x4 vehicle but the effort is well worth while. Some of the beaches are black sand but La Sagesse Beach is ideal for the family and is the traditional white sand, and is much favoured at the weekends.

To complete the list there is Bathway beach in the north east of Grenada is probably the second most popular of the beaches and has an area where non swimmers bathe safely but as it is on the Atlantic side the water can be quite rough for parts of the year.

Levera Beach north of Bathway and is close to Sugarloaf Island and needs a four wheel drive vehicle , and finally Sauteurs beach on the north coast is usually deserted and a lovely beach with great views of the islands of the Grenadines.

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