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A French and Creole speaking land, Haiti is located in the Greater Antilles Archipelago, right on the Caribbean islands. The literal meaning of the word Haiti is mountainous land, which is exactly how the terrain out here is.

An island that was discovered by Christopher Columbus, and was named Island Hispaniola by him was later renamed as Haiti. Apart from Cuba and the Dominican Republic, Haiti is the third largest island in the Caribbean. The island is filled with water bodies and mountains, adding to its beauty.

It has been among the most popular holiday destination for people from as far as Asia, mainly because there is a sense of peace and calm amidst all this nature. When visiting Haiti, keep in mind these five things which should not be missed.

The cobalt coloured pools which join the beautiful cascades at Bassins Bleu are a beauty. The minerals in the water give it the luscious looks and it is said that water nymphs used to live in the grottos. They sun bathed on the rocks in the nearby Palm Lake, but disappear at the sound of footsteps. This is a legendary story that has been around for eons now, in Haiti.


If you are a nature lover, and enjoy spending hours looking at pretty flowers and birds, Etang Saumatre is where you should head to. The lake area is surrounded by tall trees filled with exotic colourful birds and flowers. The largest saltwater lake, Etang Saumatre has nearly 100 kinds of waterfowl and crocodiles. There are plenty of bush and cacti plants around the venue, so walking is the best thing to do to catch the wonderful sights and scenes.

A fortress that was built over 15 years stands tall amidst all the forests and lakes in Haiti. Parc Nacional Historique de Citadelle was built to protect the land against French invasion. The unique feature of this fort is that it looks like a ship and is balanced on top of a mountain, Pic la Ferriere. From the hilltop one gets a full view of the town beneath, and the northern plains stretching far and wide.

What was once the residence of the Royal family, and King Henri, Sans Souci palace today has become a famous tourist attraction. Situated in the town of Milot, the name Sans Souci literally translates to 'without a care'. A palace that lost its king to the battle and suffered severely in the earthquake remains broken.

Today, this Citadel la Ferriere in Milot is a world heritage site and so there is plenty of information present at the fortress for those getting through long drive and making it uphill. Tourists need to pick up guides and mules from the foot hills, as this is the only sane way of exploring the fortress. One can get right to the roof of the magnificent Citadel.

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