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A democratic republic, Honduras is located in Central America, and also referred to by the locals as Spanish Honduras. A place that is very popular amidst tourists across the world is known for the rich culture, colours and vibrant customs and festivals, which take place through the year. The Orchid is their national flower and this is the place that has the most number of Scarlet Macaws, which is also their national bird.

Travelling to Honduras is simple and easy, apart from being inexpensive. When making a trip to Honduras, remember to keep these five things in mind, so you don't miss out on the most important aspects of Honduras.

While driving down to the Suyapa hillside, you cannot miss the Basilica De Suyapa. It hovers tall and will catch your eye even before you reach the venue. La Virgen de Suyapa is considered to be the patron saint all across Central America and even in Honduras. The large beautifully decorated stain glass windows are what make this chapel so popular. The celebrations which takes place every year in Feb, draws quite the crowd, pilgrims throng here from all across America.

For those who are seeking adventure, and enjoy water sports, this is where they should head. The El Aguila Wreck is the perfect place for some diving and wildlife sighting. The Aguila was a good dive site till the hurricane broke the ship, and since then it has become a popular spot for divers who go into the sea looking for eels and other treasures. Just be careful around the animals in the water, and don't get too friendly unless you have an expert by your side.


The lush forest area of parquet Nacional la Tigra is the first of its kind in Honduras, and filled with wildlife of all kinds, and even has few pumas. A dream comes true for those who love animals, and enjoy looking for exotic birds, orchids and other flora. The park has nearly 350 species of birds, and if you are lucky, you just might spot a quetzal, an exotic and rare specie of bird.

Pulhapanzak Falls are an amazing site and are not to be missed. While driving through Pena Blanca, you cannot miss this towering water falls. Pulhapanzak Falls looks breath taking, with the sheer height and the amount of water that flows from it. With plenty of place to swim in, the falls is a popular destination for holiday goers around Honduras. One can stop over, have a cool splash in the water falls and then continue on with their journey, feeling refreshed and lively.

Galeria Nacional de Arte is another popular tourist attraction in Honduras. The National Art gallery in what was once a convent is where the big exhibitions take place in Honduras. There are nearly seven art exhibition centres, which houses modern art work, colonial paintings and even artefacts with religious backgrounds. As you walk into the venue, you will find brochures giving a detailed description of the place.

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