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Deep in the South Pacific lies a group of six Polynesian islands that make up American Samoa. The island group is located fourteen degrees below the equator, which makes it the United States most southern territory. American Samoa is normally referred to as the “heart of Polynesia” since you can draw a straight line from New Zealand to Tahiti to Hawaii, which places American Samoa right in the middle. With it's awesome location in the warm Pacific, there is no surprise that American Samoa is swiftly becoming one of the most popular island getaway destinations.

To gain the most out of your vacation time in American Samoa, finding the perfect vacation rental is the way to go. You can truly experience all that the islands offer without being bogged down in the larger tourist resorts. By finding a vacation rental, you will have a private getaway for you and your family to enjoy the peace and beauty that these islands offer everyone.

Once you have found your rental, take the time to explore the island of Tutuila. Whether you find a vacation rental there or you take a ferry over to the island, this is one stop on your American Samoa vacation that you cannot afford to miss. Tutuila is the home of Pago Pago Harbour, which is one of the biggest harbours anywhere in the Southern Pacific Ocean. Since the harbour is so large and sheltered, it helped the United States tremendously in World War Two and a lot of the historical buildings and sites are available for visitors to enjoy daily.


Since a trip to Pago Pago Harbour offers you beautiful scenery, you will find hundreds of great photo opportunities so be sure that you take your camera along with you. Some of the most popular buildings that visitors often shoot photos of are the many beautiful historical churches around the harbour. It is said that the Samoans have more churches per capita than anywhere else in the world, and while that isn't confirmed, it offers visitors great photo opportunities in these beautiful churches.

Pago Pago is actually made up of several small communities that have all blended into one larger community. So, by travelling just a few miles in any direction, you will find many different cultures, styles, dialects, cuisines, and music's. The architecture of the homes and buildings change dramatically in several areas, and this offers some other great photo opportunities for you while you visit. Many of the houses in Pago Pago have a special area in the front yard, called a fale talimalo. These are used for special family gatherings and dances. Also, many homes will have family cemeteries or crypts located near these areas. The Samoan tradition of keeping their ancestors close to home helps them to keep their honor and maintain their roots.

Pago Pago is one city in American Samoa that every visitor should take the time to enjoy. If American Samoa is on your list of vacation destinations, then make sure that you check out the vacation rentals in and around Pago Pago before you go.

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