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An island nation in the tropical pacific ocean is filled with coral reefs and brimming wildlife. There are nearly 32 atolls here, each with its own unique characteristics. The name Kiribati is derived from the Gilberts, which is the original name of these islands. People living here speak the Oceanic language, but with time, there have been some who have migrated from other parts of the world here, so English is also spoken, but not widely.

An island that thrives on fish, copra and tourism has been inviting people to visit just so it can show off its treasures. Here are five things that tourists should make a point of seeing during their vacation to Kiribati.

Abaiang is a place that most tourists like to visit. Literally meaning North Island, this Abaiang is the most popular island amongst all the Kiribati islands. Even though it is well connected to the other islands, it is the most remote of them all, offering a unique experience of seclusion and calm. Women weaving salting clams is a common sight here, which is what fascinates the visitors. If you are in the mood for some adventure, you can grab a bike and ride up to the church and admire the beautiful stained glass windows there.

Abemama is an island which is home to the Royal family can be accessed by boat or plane from Tarawa. The place has the easiest access to the surrounding reefs, and so is the most popular of them all. There is a unique kind of barking frog found in the sandy beaches here, and the place is also popular since it is here that Robert Louis Stevenson is said to have dropped by here back in 1889. This is the only island which is a Crown colony, after being part of the British rule.


One of the islands in the outer region of Kiribati, Butaritari is where there is plenty of sea life and activities happening through the year. The coconuts, breadfruit, and other fruits bearing trees can be found in plenty here. Thanks to the crystal clear water and the beaches, people come here to unwind and relax, getting away from their city lives. This place also has a rich history related to the World War II.

For bird lovers, Kiribati is a haven of sorts. There are the most exotic species of birds found here, which can be spotted early in the morning. Petrels, Shearwater, terns and many more birds flock around the Christmas Island. There are exclusive bird watching tours and packages offered to those interested, but make sure to check details before booking your flights to Kiribati.

Fanning Island is also known as Taubuaran, the island is where most tourists land, since it a cruise destination. For those who love water sports, there are snorkelling and sightseeing tours available around here. All this will leave the tourists in awe of how much is in store in a small island. So, when you do decide to make a trip to Kiribati, have your swim suits ready for some fun.

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