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Tokelau is located in New Zealand and consists of three atolls in the South Pacific Ocean which are called Atafo, Fakaofo and Nukunonu which consist of 127 islands and Motu. It is a separate island located here and has sports such as fishing, driving and snorkelling. If you are an adventurous person then you will love the reefs and lagoons on this island. There are some yachts and it is a great experience for any tourist to travel by yacht and enjoy the beauty of the reefs and lagoons here. The Polynesian culture of this place is a great attraction for the tourists.

There is only one ocean vessel from Samoa which travels monthly but it has to transfer the passengers to a small boat after travelling for a distance and then they reach the island by boat. The government has purchased a vehicle which is known as the MV Tutolu to give internal atoll service. This island is known as the holy trinity because it is a very lonely and isolated place. One who loves tranquillity and wants peace in life can enjoy the island to its utmost. This is a very good place to relax and take your mind off things.


Here, tourism is not much because of the limited transport facilities and also because it is a small atoll and not much infrastructural facilities are there. But the enjoyment of struggling is something else. People who love a challenge and are of the adventurous kind will like to tour this island. New Zealand's ministry of government administers this country. Tokelau is moving towards self sufficiency because of encouragement by the New Zealand government. In the year 1999 to 2000, 80% of the budgetary resources of Tokelau came from New Zealand. Copra, coins, stamps and handicrafts are the only exports from this country. Fishing has also become a source of income for the people of Tokelau. Another source of income is from people living overseas that are people of Tokelau residing at New Zealand.

This island is not recommended for families as transport is very limited. But a person who loves peace and wants isolation and relaxation can definitely book their tickets. It is a lonely island where you can spend your time hour after hour by sitting under a palm tree-reading, listening to music or looking out to sea and watching the world go by. The people here are very friendly, their main language here is Tokelauan but the majority can also speak English. There are schools and hospitals for each atoll. It has a radio telephone service between the islands and to Samoa, Atafu, Fakaofo and Nukunonu

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