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Palau, is an island nation in the Pacific Ocean, some 500 miles east of the Philippines.

Most visitors to Palau arrive on Continental Micronesia, by way of daily regular flights from Guam. There are daily connections to Guam from Tokyo, USA and other metropolitan centres. Two weekly flights from Manila and two charter flights from Taipei, currently connect Palau with other metropolitan Asian cities

Palau offers you the worlds most beautiful tropical paradise. Famous for its diving, Palau is rated as one of the worlds best diving destinations by scuba aficionados. Palau has unspoiled reefs, caves and walls with the most amazing array of marine life you can ever imagine.

Palau beckons to you with some of the worlds most awesome natural wonders. Imagine the whitest beaches you will ever see, gardens of coral just beneath the clearest waters, lakes filled to the brim with sting less jellyfish. Forests, waterfalls and caves that have never been ravaged by man and hundreds of islands of the purest beauty abound all along our pristine archipelago.

Palau enjoys a pleasantly warm climate all year round with an annual mean temperature of 82 degrees. Rainfall can occur throughout the year, and the annual average is 150 inches. The average relative humidity is 82 percent and although rain falls more frequently between July and October, there is still much sunshine. Typhoons are rare as Palau is located outside the typhoon zone.


Palau is a country rich in tradition and culture.

Palau offers the traveller a wide variety of hotel accommodations, from full service, luxury resorts and moderately priced bungalows, to economical motels and bungalows modelled on traditional architectural styles.

While many of Palaus guests prefer to stay in the town of Koror, where most resorts and motels are located, some prefer the more private and secluded bungalows of the northern and southern islands.

Whether price, comfort, or lifestyles are your considerations, Palaus natural beauty ensures a pleasant experience and memorable stay.

While much of Palaus natural environment remains free of environmental degradation, there are several areas of concern, including illegal fishing with the use of dynamite, inadequate facilities for disposal of solid waste in Koror, and extensive sand and coral dredging in the Palau lagoon.

Like the other Pacific island nations, a major environmental threat is global warming and the related rising of sea level.

Water coverage of low lying areas is a threat to coastal vegetation, agriculture, and the purity of the nations water supply. It also has a problem with inadequate water supply and limited agricultural areas to support the size of the population.

The nation is also vulnerable to earthquakes, volcanic activity, and tropical storms. Sewage treatment is a problem, along with the handling of toxic waste from fertilizers and biocides.

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