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Tonga is located in the South Pacific Ocean and has 169 islands of which 96 are inhabited. The islands are also known as the friendly islands. Tongatapu is the main island. There are some islands surrounding the reef. There are some coral islands which are very small. There are some archaeological sites in the east and there are also some sandy beaches in the south where the tourists mainly take their vacations. There is a lagoon which has some coral atolls and some small resorts and diving sites around it. If you are a lover of island and have fascination for beaches, then this can be a good place for you.

The Haappai group consists of about 60 low lying coral atolls but there are accommodation only for three. This is a very traditional location and camping is very common here. People can relax on the beaches and snorkelling is available should you choose to have a go. The most attractive place on the Tonga is the myriads of Limestone Island and the waterways that make up the Vavau group. There is a tourist centre called the Neiafu and it also has some small bars and restaurants. So the tourists can relax and have their food whenever they feel like.

Kenutu and Mounnu also have some beaches but this is not the main attraction here. Sailing is what these places are famous for-this place is ideal and well known for it. It's also a good place for game fishing, scuba diving and snorkelling. There are also some whales found here which is a great past time for the travellers.


A tourist will be very happy to spend their time on this island. There is lots to do and loads of great things to see. They will not only get pleasure from the sights and scenes of the island but also enjoy the warmth and hospitality of the people here. The people treat the guests and give a hearty welcome to the tourists. A visit to Tonga does not end with visiting the beautiful islands alone. Tourists visiting Tonga can also go hiking through the Pacific rain forests and the crater lakes. If that's not enough, the adventurous type can get very near to some active volcanoes. You can also view the shipwrecks, which happened many years ago, these have now become major tourist attractions.

Under water canyons, seaside cliffs or watching the local rugby team play a game can also be a part of a tourist's itinerary. If you are lucky to land in Tonga on one of their feast days you will be welcomed with a special drink called kava which is famous in Tonga.

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