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Who would have guessed that one of the poorest countries in South America has the rich and exciting destination of the vastly differing Amazonian and Andean landscapes and the remnants of mysterious ancient civilization? This is the destination for people who are looking for untamed traditions and beliefs because 50% of the population maintains their traditional values and belief.

One of the popular attractions of Bolivia is the Lake Titicaca located in La Paz. The lake is regarded as the highest lake with a depth of 12, 580ft and which covers 3,861 square miles. This lake is attributed to its majestic roots. Around the lake there are two major islands, the Islas del Sol and Isla de la Luna, which are in high regard as they are the mythical sites of the creation of the Inca people.

According to legend, the Sun God sent his son and daughter to earth to improve the way of life of the Andean people, and so they descended unto Islas Del Sol and founded the Inca Empire. There are stunning views across the lake to the snow-capped peaks of the Andean range. The islands themselves are incredibly picturesque.

Tourists can see fishermen sail by on handmade reed boats. Present on the lake shore are the llamas and alpacas herded along the mountain paths to villages scattered on the hillsides. Along the way, there are a few Inca ruins, among them the Sun Temple and the Chincana complex on Isla Del Sol and the Inca stairways.


Another big attraction of Bolivia is the Rurrenabaque, the starting point for a trip to the Amazonian pampas and jungle. This is suitable for lovers of nature and wildlife. It is considered the loveliest of the Bolivian lowland villages. Tourists can have a ride on the dugout canoe as they cross the river in Rurrenabaque. The rainforest and pampas are abundant in wildlife. There are anacondas, capybaras, monkeys, turtles, macaws, caymans, piranhas, and the beautiful pink dolphins. There are also a plenty of birds life to be seen and heard.

For tourists looking for a photographer's delight, Salar de Uyuni must be the place to stay. It is the world's largest salt desert set in elevation of 11, 970 ft and filled with an estimated 10 billion tons of salt. It is considered as one of the most spectacular natural attractions in Bolivia. It is a superb landscape combining salt pans, wind-eroded rock formations, and wandering llamas in a completely unspoilt region. At the center lies the Isla de Pescadores, it is a landmass appearing as a mountain out of the white nothingness. In Sala de Uyumi, there are plenty of other marvellous sites such as the Laguna Colorada and Laguna Verde. These lakes are homes to flamingos and are surrounded by extinct volcanoes. Also surrounding them are bubbling mud pools.

There is also Bolivia's famous museum, the Casa Real De Moneda. It was originally the Royal Mint House, where the colonial Spanish transformed the silver from the mines into coins. It is one of Bolivia's best museums that explain the history of silver production and its influence. Aside from silver coins, they also display restored presses and wooden minting machines, coins and coin stamps and religious art.

The other must see attraction is the Mercado de Brujas or the Withches Market. It is one of the most bizarre markets in the world. Merchandise sold here are fairly odd, things such as herbs and remedies used in any traditions to potions, charms, and dried llama foetuses. Available also are the Andean art and handicrafts.

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