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A country that is so small, we just might miss it, if not for the wonderful sights and scenes that fill its boundaries. Situated in the north eastern part of South America, Guyana has a long coastline running along with the Atlantic ocean. The Land of many waters has rivers flowing through the narrow lanes, and birds of all colours and shapes flitting about.

A picturesque country, Guyana makes the visitors feel warm and at peace. They can do any activity that pleases them, and of course there are the hidden treasures to be undiscovered. When visiting Guyana, however, keep this list of five things to see, just to make sure you don't miss out on the best parts.

If you think you've seen it all during your recent visit to the Niagara, you haven't seen it yet. Come to Guyana and check out the Kaieteur Fall and get ready to be blown away. Nearly 30000 gallons of water comes gushing down the mountain side, down nearly 250 feet.

The falls are located in the midst of a jungle, giving it a mystical feel and making it very popular amidst visitors. There are some who are dare devils, who climb up the cliff and stand atop and gaze down. As you walk around the falls, you will be greeted by sights of birds with their nests tucked away.


The ruins of the Dutch Fortress, Kyk Over Al stand tall greeting the visitors. It was built around 1616 and is situated in the crossing of the two rivers of Mazuruni and Cuyuni. One can take a boat from here, and ride across to the Marshall Falls, a place for fun and wildlife sighting.

Ride the bus from Georgetown to Parika or take a water taxi to Bartica, either ways, the sight that greets you will have you grinning from ear to ear. The mining town is filled with people who have been around for decades and lead a quiet life. One can either laze around here, or ride down to the Kyk Over Al, or maybe to Marshall's falls for some excitement and adventure.

A cluster of plains that are covered with Amerindian villages and wildlife is what makes Rupununi Savannas so lush. The rivers here have the world's largest water lilies. The savannah stretches across thousands of acres, but the whole place has a warmth to it, which is probably from the people who live in these areas as a close knit community.

As the name suggests, Shell beach is one of the prized possessions of Guyana with the long stretches of white sands. It starts from near the Venezuelan border and goes all the way across the country. One can find up to eight turtle species on the beach, and nearly that many more varieties of hawksbills and leatherbacks. The turtles are today protected by the government and roam about freely on the beaches around here.

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